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Meeting Date: 09/28/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon award of bids for the renovation of Northshore Park C-2016-0397;
$1,200,000 is included in the 2016 Capital Improvement Budget for renovation of Northshore Park. At the Board’s April meeting, staff was directed to include the development of a rowing facility as part of the overall park’s renovation. An additional $500,000 has been allocated to this project for the rowing facility as a result of a signage agreement with Woodforest Bank.  Furthermore, the cost of the rowing facility ($631,000) is to be supplemented based on the allocation of space (1,000 sq. ft.) for the Township and the public areas surrounding the facility that are included in the construction costs which equates to $131,000 ($90,142.86 cost based on a square foot allocation + $40,857.14 for the common or public area  surrounding the facility) and this funding can be allocated from the Capital Reserve Fund.  An additional $250,000 is being proposed to be allocated to this project from the Capital Reserve fund due in part to the playground renovation being included in the scope. The playground is scheduled to be renovated in 2020 and funds are allocated in the five year Capital Reserve Fund for that project. By replacing the playground now as part of the parks overall renovation, it will accelerate the replacement by three years.
By allocating these dollars for the project, it would increase the total available budget for the renovation to $2,081,000.   It should be noted that Phase II of the renovation project will commence on approximately June 5, 2017 and this project will address turf and drainage renovation.  There is $295,050 remaining to accomplish this task ($650,000 total budgeted for turf renovation in 2016 including Town Green Park which has been completed for  $354,950 leaving a balance for Northshore Park of $295,050 for the turf and drainage renovation.)
After a series of bid conditioning and value engineering meetings with both bidders (Houscape and Frost Construction), it is recommended to divide the project between the contractors  to reduce the overall cost which includes the following:
  • Rowing Facility $631,000- Frost Construction
  • Park Renovation- $998,434 - Houscape
  • Current Stage Renovation- $50,000 - Houscape
  • Playground- $200,000- To be determined
  • Site Amenities-$90,000- To be determined
  • Testing (1%)- $10,714.27- Terracon
  • Contingency  (6%) - $101,081.66
  • Total:$2,081,000
At the April 22, 2015 meeting, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors approved the scope of services for a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a consultant to provide comprehensive design, bidding and construction management services for the renovation of Northshore Park. On June 18, 2015, the Board of Directors approved moving forward with a consultant for this project. After initial public input which included a public survey, meetings with the Panther Creek Village Association and several public and stakeholder meetings, initial concepts were presented to the Board at their October 28, 2015 meeting. From this meeting Burditt and staff received direction to revise the plans with more specific attention being paid to the concerns about sound and the impact on neighbors, restrooms, need for parking, location of the play area and costs. Revised plans were presented to the Board in January and February 2016. Plans were approved by the Board which included a rowing facility and the inclusion in the bid packet of three options for the stage: (a) no stage, (b) platform only and (c) full stage.
The Request for Bids was advertised in The Woodlands Villager on August 11, 2016 and on The Woodlands Township web site.  A mandatory pre-bid was held on August 23. 2016 with four general contractors in attendance. Bids were due on September 9, 2016 and two (2) bids were submitted (Attachments  A & B).  Please see Attachment C for a tabulation of the bids.  The lowest responsive bidder was Houscape which totaled $2,369,036.
As both bids were over the budgeted amount and contingency (6%) and testing (1%) would further increase costs, staff reviewed the bids with Burditt (Northshore Park renovation design planners) and set up bid conditioning and value engineering meetings with both vendors.  Burditt and staff reviewed the bids and attempted to identify changes that would reduce the cost but maintain the concept of the renovation and address the public's comments.  From this point, the vendors were requested to submit revised prices reflecting the change in scope.  In order to operate within the budget dollars, staff and Burditt requested the following changes to the scope of services including but not limited to:
  • Remove the new stage from the scope of work
  • Remove storage area from the restroom
  • Change steel on roof from 24 to 22 gauge
  • Adjust the slope of a drain which retains the use of 9,000 square feet of parking lot
  • Remove playground from scope of work, leaving only the curb and drainage. Township would purchase directly to reduce the overhead cost
  • Remove selected site amenities from the project. Township would purchase and/or install these directly to reduce overhead costs
  • Remove colored/stamped cement from the project.  Cement in these areas would be traditional gray in color
  • Remove irrigation to the parking lot medians.  Currently, there is no irrigation in these medians.
  • Remove sod from the main grass area, due in part to the entire area being re-sodded as part of the turf and drainage project (July 2017)
To further reduce the cost of the project it is recommended to remove the rowing facility from the Houscape bid package (lowest responsive overall total bidder) as this will save an estimated $66,000, and award the rowing facility to Frost Construction. The bid specifications allows the Township the option to award all or portions of the project to one or multiple contractors.   While Frost's bid line item for the rowing facility indicates an amount of $527,2000, that amount did not include their general conditions and other items included in their overall bid.   Through value engineering, it was determined that Frost's bid for just the rowing facility is $631,000.  In addition to the proposed method to reduce costs for the rowing facility, other items can be modified from the bid such as the playground and site amenities which can be removed from the bid  and  purchased separately and directly by the Township to stretch the available dollars.
Upon the direction of the Board of Directors, the bid packet included three options for the stage at the park: no stage, a platform and a full stage.  The options were developed to provide options to the Board, in part to address resident’s comments and concerns about sound emitting form the park at concerts and other events.  Since that time, the Board has adopted a finite sound provisions (85db) for events and the park, starting/ending times for amplified sound and provided greater authority to the President/General Manager or his designee to stop events who are violating terms of the Special Event Permit.   Removing the platform and roof would be an estimated savings of $248,000 from the bid from Houscape, however if this is done, it is recommended to allocated $50,000 to renovate the existing stage including but not limited to: update roof, electrical, add baffles or other sound suppression materials, update facade etc.
After a series of bid conditioning and value engineering  meetings the following is  recommended to develop a project within the budget ($2,081,000) and goals of the project. Further value engineering is expected to occur with both contractors:
  • Rowing Facility $631,000- Frost Construction
  • Park Renovation- $998,434- Houscape
  • Current Stage Renovation- $50,000- Houscape
  • Playground- $200,000- Contractor To be determined
  • Site Amenities-$90,000- Contractor(s) To be determined
  • Testing (1%)- $10,714.27- Terracon
  • Contingency  (6%)-$101,081.66
Option 2 (remove current stage, replace with platform) and Option 3 (remove current stage and replace with new stage) wound necessitate an additional funding requirement of $50,000 and $200,000 respectively.
Award the Bid for the renovation of Northshore Park to Houscape in the amount of $1,048,434,427 and award the bid to Frost Construction for the Rowing Facility in the amount of $631,000; increase the project budget amount by $867,426.89 to a total amount of $2,081,000 funded by $1,200,000 in 2016 Capital Project Funds, $500,000 in proceeds from the Signage Sponsorship Agreement with Woodforest National Bank,  $250,000 in Capital Reserve Funds from the 2020 Northshore Park Playground Replacement Reserve and $131,000 from 2017 Capital Reserves for the Township's share of the Rowing Facility and other site amenities;  and authorize the President/General Manager to execute construction agreements as deemed necessary and approved to form by the Township Attorney.   
Attachment C - Northshore Park Renovation Project Bid Tabulation Summary
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