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Meeting Date: 12/10/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon a concept plan for the renovation of Northshore Park;
$96,000 is included in the 2015 Capital Improvement Budget for design and consulting services related to the renovation of Northshore Park. The amount allocated is 8% of the projected 2016 construction budget of $1.2 million.  The Township budgeted amount does not include any amount designated for a new boat house/ rowing facility. The rowing clubs have indicated a willingness to provide capital support for the aspects of the project related to the design and construction of a boat house/rowing facility.
At the April 22, 2015 meeting, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors approved the scope of services for a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a consultant to provide comprehensive design, bidding and construction management services for the renovation of Northshore Park. On June 18, 2015, the Board of Directors approved moving forward with a consultant for this project, however a fee could not be negotiated within the budgeted dollars thus per the Texas Processional Services Procurement Act, staff successfully  negotiated with the second highest scoring consultant- Burditt Associates.
After initial public input which included a public survey, meetings with the Panther Creek Village Association and several public and stakeholder meetings, initial concepts were presented to the Board at their October 28, 2015 meeting. From this meeting Burditt and staff received direction to revise the plans with more specific attention being paid to the concerns about sound and the impact on neighbors, restrooms, need for parking, location of the play area and costs. Burditt Associates will present information on how these comments were incorporated into the design options and probable costs.
At the October Board meeting a request was made by the Board for more information on the use levels of the park and the types of rentals at the park.  Attachments A - H provides data collected by Park Rangers on the use of Northshore Park during the month of November 2015 and information on parks reservations permits for the past five years (2010-2015).  In addition, staff conducted a trailer count during the months of July and August to further understand the need for trailer parking. While this data is only a snapshot and does not fully document the total use levels of the facility as there were limited community events in the park during the month of November, it does infer that the park is well used and its layout (picnic tables, benches, playground, grass area, pavilions, etc.) supports a high level of general leisure and recreational uses (general use, birthday parties, family picnics, etc.) as opposed to just large townwide or regional special event use. 
One component of the park renovation plan is to develop a plan with the rowing clubs for the design of a boat house. Burditt and staff have meet with the rowing clubs several times to review locations within the park, size of a facility, and layout of the facility. Currently, there is a 60’ x 60’ placeholder in the northwest section of the park for a rowing facility, which would include a storage area for Township and/or public use.  Staff has proposed the rowing clubs bring forth proposals on the financial and operational aspects of this facility, which may include but is not limited to a park use agreement or long term rental. The rowing clubs are familiar with the other agreements the Board has entered or considered for similar facilities (pool heaters, 50 meter pool, etc.). 
Provide direction on a desired option for the Northshore Park renovation; authorize the President/General Manager to continue to work with the various rowing clubs on the concept and financial proposals and return to the Board in January with final design and boat house agreements for review/approval.
Attachment A - Northshore Park Reservation Activity
Attachment B - Northshore Park Activity Survey Cars by Day
Attachment C - Northshore Park Activity Survey Park Use by Weather
Attachment D - Northshore Park Activity Survey Playground Use by Day
Attachment E - Northshore Park Activity Survey Use by Day
Attachment F - Northshore Park Activity Survey Water Front by Day
Attachment G - Northshore Park Trail Count July and August
Attachment H - Northshore Park and Rob Fleming Park Rental Report


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