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Meeting Date: 10/28/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon a presentation regarding covenant enforcement matters in the Village of Creekside Park (agenda item requested by Director Bass);
Enforcement of the Residential Standards adopted by the Development Standards Committee is funded through the annual budget appropriations for The Woodlands Township Covenant Administration Department. 
The Village of Creekside Park Village Association and other residents of the village have expressed concerns with the lack of trees on residential properties throughout the village. A presentation has been prepared on the matter ( Attachment A).  The presentation reflects examples of conditions of residential landscapes, both at the time of closing, as approved by the Development Review Committee,  a function of The Woodlands Development Company (TWDC), and the condition after homeowners have taken possession and altered the landscape without the approval of either the Residential Design Standards Committee (RDRC) or the Development Standards Committee (DSC) which have authority over Covenant enforcement after new single-family homes are completed and occupied.   

The Covenant Administration Department has issued 236 yard violations year to date 2015, of which 185 have been resolved.  The category of "Yard Violations" encompasses more than just tree removal, but the data is representative of the level of non-compliance in the village.  Staff believes this issue is  due to: poor quality of trees that are initially installed and the lack of adequate care between the time of planting and time of closing and being occupied; existing trees that are preserved on site being adversely impacted from the construction; initial landscape design does not meet new owner's expectations and they make changes.   

The Covenant Administration Department is actively monitoring the issue and is working with TWDC DRC to improve communications and education with the builders and new homeowners.
Receive and accept the report.
Attachment A - Tree Issues Village of Creekside Park


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