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Meeting Date: 10/28/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon award of bids for reforestation;

$280,000 is allocated in the 2015 Parks Operations Budget for the reforestation of small cul-de-sac islands and $314,000 is allocated in the 2016 Parks Operations Budget for Forest Management (Reforestation & Watering). The total amount of the recommended award of bids for the reforestation of small cul-de-sac islands is $165,415; the total amount of the recommended  award of bids for the reforestation of the community area is $205,117.50.  The recommended low bidders are: $284,317.50 to Texan Tree Depot and $86,215 to Boone's Landscaping.  The expenditure of funds for this project will occur in winter 2015 and spring 2016 as these are the opportune times to plant trees.

In 2013, the Board reviewed the updated Integrated Forest Management Plan (IFMP) which included a five year plan to plant additional trees of various native species of trees  in varying sizes.  In addition to the IFMP plan for reforestation, additional trees are planted during the season due to resident requests, the impact of invasive vine and tallow tree removal and the  need for  screening of  roads, and other developments that may occur from time to time. 
In 2015, the Board approved $280,000 to reforest the small cul-de-sac islands  throughout the community as part of the overall community maintenance improvement plan.  Staff inventoried all the  small islands and identified the quantities and varieties of trees to be planted this fall and winter.  All of the trees planted in small islands will be the 15 gallon size to provide some instant benefit.
To provide flexibility in budget and contractor management, the scope of the project(s) was divided into six options to obtain the lowest cost and highest value for the Township:
  • PA1 – Cul-De-Sac Trees Stock
  • PA2 – Cul-De-Sac Trees install
  • PA3 – Cul-De-Sac Trees Stock/Install
  • PB1 – Community Trees Stock
  • PB2 – Community Trees install
  • PB3 – Community Trees Stock/Install
The request for bids was advertised in The Woodlands Villager on August 26, on The Woodlands Township website and direct mailed to several known tree and landscape companies.  Bids were due on September 4 and six (6) bids were submitted (Attachment A - Bid Tabulation Summary).  Potential bidders were advised to submit bids based upon the potential that only certain types and sizes of trees may be awarded for any combination of projects, thus providing the Township options to award any combination of providing the tree stock only to only the installation in order to  leverage funds to the greatest extent.
The bid results indicate the lowest cost per project are:  
  • Cul De Sac Island Reforestation:
    • Texan Tree Depot - PA 1 - Total Stock Plant Price - $79,200
    • Boone’s Landscaping PA2 - Total Installation - $86,215
    • Total = $165,415
  • Community Reforestation
    • Texan Tree Depot - PB1 - Total Stock Plant Price - $84,905
    • Texan Tree Depot - PB2    Total Installation - $120,212.50
    • Total = $205,117.50
Both of these vendors provided reforestation services to the Township in the past and staff has been satisfied with their work.

Award the bids for:

Cul de sac island reforestation - PA1 - stock and PB3 community reforestation stock and installation to Texan Tree Depot in the amount of $284,317.50; and award the bid for Cul de sac island  - PA2 - installation to Boone’s Landscaping in the amount of $86,215, and upon final review and approval of any necessary agreements by the Township Attorney authorize the President /General Manager to execute such agreements.
Attachment A - Reforestation Bid Tabulation Summary


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