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Meeting Date: 10/28/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for sports field lights at Cattail Park;
$130,000 is allocated in the 2015 Capital Project Budget for the installation of sport field and dog park lights at Cattail Park. To date, $54,900 has been encumbered for the dog park lights leaving $75,100 available to fund the sport field lights. The lowest Buy Board quote for the sport field lights is $99,646 which leaves an unfavorable balance of $24,546.  Positive variances from completed capital projects in the Parks and Recreation Capital Improvement Budget can be used to offset the variance to fund the balance needed for the project. 
During the 2015 Budget process, the Board of Directors considered a resident/village requested Budget Initiative proposal to add lights to the dog friendly area at Cattail Park in the amount of $50,000.  During the discussion, Directors asked how much it would cost to add sport field lights to this project.  Staff responded with an estimate of an additional $80,000, however the electrical power supply and capacity was  unknown at that time.  As a result, the Board approved $130,000 for lighting the dog park and sport field.  Subsequently, a review of the electrical infrastructure of the park with the addition of the dog park lights finds that the park is at electrical capacity.  Therefore, additional power is required to supply the sports field lights.  The lighting of the dog park is underway and $54,900 has been encumbered for this portion of the project.
Installing  lights on the sports fields in parks has been a solution of  The Woodlands Township to provide additional access to fields during the fall and spring time periods.  This approach leverages existing resources (parking lot, fields) to expand the user capacity at the lowest cost. The purpose of lighting the parks is not for competition level activities which requires a higher foot candles / illumination for games and tournaments), but for practice and recreation, thus the foot candles - light levels have been designed to the lower required standard. 
The lighting standards were developed upon review of numerous other communities standards including the Fairfax County, Virginia Park Authority, a recognized leader in sport field light and community impact. Standards for sport field lights in parks include: 110 MPH Exposure C-rated poles, 1,500 watts fixtures, 20 maintained foot-candles on the playing surface and no more than 1 foot candle 50 feet beyond the playing surface and 60 foot poles.  Higher levels of competition necessitate 50-500 foot-candles of surface lighting and up to 100 foot poles.   These standards are currently in use at Wendtwoods, Lakeside, Falconwing, Harper’s Landing, Shadowbend, and Creekwood Parks.
Buy Board quotes were solicited from two sport field light providers: Sports Facilities Company/Qualite and Techline (Attachment A).  Both of these vendors have installed sport field lights for the Township on previous lighting projects.

Sports Facilities Company provided the lowest cost in the amount of $99,646.  This amount is $24,546 more than the remainder of the project budget. However, the Board can approve to fund the balance from  positive variances from completed capital projects in the 2015 Parks and Recreation Capital Improvement Budget.  

Approval by the Development Standards Committee (DSC) will be performed prior to purchasing to allow affected neighbors the opportunity to comment on the project.   
Award the bid to Sports Facilities Company in the amount of $99,646 and approve the additional funding from positive variances  in the 2015 Parks and Recreation Capital Improvement Budget, conditioned upon the review and approval of DSC. 
Attachment A - Cattail Park Sport Field Lights Submitted Bids


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