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Meeting Date: 06/16/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon approval for additional services per the Park and Pathway Maintenance Contract for the installation of an under-grass grid and drainage system at  Town Green Park;
A total of  $655,000 is allocated in the 2016 Capital Budget for Grid Turf Fields to install an under-grass grid and drainage system at  Town Green Park and Northshore Park (Town Green Park  = $315,000 & Northshore Park = $340,000 -  Attachment A).   The total amount of additional services for the Town Green Park project per the terms and pricing of the Park and Pathway Maintenance Contact to complete the project by the Brickman Group - Valley Crest / BrightView is $354,950.  The Northshore Park portion of the capital project will be undertaken as part of the overall park’s renovation, dependent on Board approval of the Northshore Park renovation project and subsequent construction schedule.  The budget estimate for Town Green Park of $315,000 was based upon the grid systems manufacturer's estimate provided in 2015 and known unit pricing for other materials and sod.  The variance between the project budget estimated in 2015 and the actual cost of additional services can be attributed to an expanded scope of the project desired by staff to include additional irrigation and drainage work to ensure the best quality outcome for the re-establishment of the grass.
During the spring of 2015, The Woodlands and surrounding areas received historical rainfalls.  During the period of rainfalls, Town Green Park hosted a number of large events such as The CrawPHish Festival, The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival, Memorial Hermann Texas Ironman,  the Memorial Day celebration and dedication of "The Way Home" project and Veteran's Memorial.

As a result of the heavy rainfall, poor drainage and heavy pedestrian traffic at the back-to-back large scale events, the natural grass at the park was greatly impacted and degraded to unsuitable conditions. The compaction  of the soil and wet conditions caused an anaerobic state and decomposition of the grass.  This required large scale removal  of the existing grass, several rounds of aerification, top dressing,  over seeding and sod replacement.    Subsequently, the Board of Directors  approved a 2016 Budget Planning Initiative to install the under-grass grid system (Attachment B). This spring of 2016 has shown to be another season of heavy rainfall and conditions of the grass has been less than desirable, reinforcing the need to address the renovation of the natural grass drainage system.

After reviewing a number of grid products, specifications and installation methods, purchasing options and approaches to complete the project,  it was determined the most cost effective approach with the best projected outcome would be to:
  • Excavate the entire grass area of the park 5 inches including the grass and  sub-soil material
  • Install a sub-surface drainage system
  • Install a turf grid system
  • Modify the irrigation system to the new layout
  • Use a sandy based top soil
  • Install hybrid Bermuda sod
  • Utilize established contract pricing for materials, labor and equipment
These specifications and installation method is recommended based on the facts that it would provide positive drainage, create a 5 inch system for significant rainfalls, and manage compaction with the weight bearing plastic grid system.  While this approach improves the sub-base structure of the grass and will aid in the health of the turf, it is no guarantee that extreme weather conditions during high traffic events will not result in degradation of the grass. However, it is expected that this approach will provide a much more stable grass surface for events with less repair costs in the future. 
Brickman (which has merged with Valley Crest and is now named BrightView)  is the current Park and Pathway Maintenance contractor. The Contract provisions allow "Additional Services" to be added to the contract per the established unit pricing and  rates for special services (Attachment C).   As the amount of the Additional Services for this project is above the  purchasing authority amount established for the President/ General Manager, the acceptance and contract addition requires Township Board of Directors approval (Attachment D).   This contract option and process has been used for other large scale park renovations in the past with previous park and pathway maintenance service contractors, such as  the Bear Branch Sportsfields grass renovation in 2011 with  Bio Landscape and with Grotech Services for smaller scale under-grass grid system installations at a few neighborhood parks for off street parking areas. This approach with Brickman ensures a quick, cost efficient project that will be maintained by the installing contractor.
If approved, the project schedule  is to begin the renovation immediately after the Red, Hot and Blue Festival and be completed and open by September 1.  No park reservations have been permitted during this time period.
Approve the Additional Services  to the Park and Pathway Maintenance Contract with  the Brickman Group in the amount of $315,000 for the installation of an under-grass grid and drainage system at  Town Green Park.
Attachment A - 2016 Request for Capital Asset Grid Turf Fields
Attachment B - 2016 Budget Initiative Turf Options for Town Green Park and Northshore Park
Attachment D - Brickman proposal Additional Services Town Green Park Turf Renovation
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