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Meeting Date: 06/16/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for tree lighting  and maintenance services;
159,600 is allocated in the Township's 2016 Town Center Operations budget for tree lighting and maintenance services for trees in the Town Center, Town Green Park and Waterway Square.  The lowest responsive bid is from the Christmas Light Company for  $145,782.00 per year.
The Woodlands Township contracts the installation and maintenance of lights on 390 street level trees in the Town Center, Town Green Park and Waterway Square that are displayed for 10 months per year between October and July.  The current three year service agreement with The Christmas Light Company ends August 15, 2016. Approximately 247 additional trees on the Waterway level are not included in this agreement as they are covered in the Waterway Use, Operation and Maintenance Agreement with The Woodlands Land Development Company (TWDC), however for the past three years, TWDC has used the same company the Township has used to ensure consistency of service delivery and cost savings.
A request for bids was developed on a unit cost per month basis for a contract term of thirty-seven months starting August 16, 2016. The scope of services includes the removal of old lights each year in August, installing new lights each October, inspections and maintenance including repairs to strands and lamps and resetting GFI electrical outlets. As new trees are planted or trees replaced, additions are added to the contract on the bid per unit price. The request for bids was advertised in the Villager (May 2, 2016), on The Woodlands Township web site and was emailed to known contractors. A mandatory pre bid meeting was held on May 13, 2016 with three (3) contractors attending. Bids were due on May 20, 2016 and three (3) bids were submitted. The lowest responsive bid is from the Christmas Light Company, which has provided tree lighting services to The Township for the past six years, with limited issues. Please see Bid Tabulation below and Attachment A for the submitted bids from the vendors.
    Christmas Light Company Kevin Schaded Lighting Silversand Service
Service Units Unit Cost Yearly Cost Unit Cost Yearly Cost Unit Cost Yearly Cost
Installation 390 $314.00 $122,460.00 $450.00 $175,500.00 $480.13 $187,250.00
Monthly Maintenance Unit Cost 390 $5.98 $2,332,20 $19.23 $7,499.70 $10.33 $4,032.00
Total Monthly Maintenance (10 months)     $23,322.00   $74,997.00   $40,320.00
Total Yearly Cost     $145,782.00   $250,497.00   $227,570.00

Award the bid for tree lighting and maintenance services to The Christmas Light Company and authorize the President/General Manager to execute any necessary agreement as approved to form by the Township Attorney.

Attachment A - Tree Lighting Services Submitted Bids


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