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Meeting Date: 08/26/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon the First Amended Interlocal Agreement with Montgomery County, Texas, and The Woodlands Township, Texas, for the planning, funding and construction of intersection improvement;
At its 2016 Budget meetings, the Board tentatively approved a reallocation of 2014 funds which had been set aside in an initial Interlocal agreement between The Township and Montgomery County for intersection improvements.   The Board directed that $975,000 allocated in the 2014 ILA for the smart signal pilot project be utilized in FY 2016 to  fund new two signal projects ($330,000 ) and provide funding for signal infrastructure detection hardware ($645,000) .  
In 2013, The Woodlands Township entered into an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with Montgomery, in which up to $1,425,000 would be provided to Montgomery County for intersection and signalization improvements in portions of the Township.   Completed work or work in progress pursuant to this ILA totaled $350,000, leaving $975,000.  One of the initial projects was deferred, while the Smart Signal Pilot signalization was determined to be technologically not feasible.  The Board tentatively agreed that these funds would be better used if they were instead applied towards the estimated cost of $645,000 for new radar-based vehicle detection for traffic signal synchronization (at intersections identified in Exhibit E of the ILA), as well as signalization on Research Forest at W. Alden Bridge and at Crownridge (estimated at $330,000).    
Approve and authorize the President/General Manager to execute the First Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement. 


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