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Meeting Date: 08/26/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon a reimbursement and cost sharing agreement with The Woodlands Development Company for a pathway along Kuykendahl Road;
Estimated cost for this project is $244,800 for approximately 2,800 linear feet of pathway. As The Woodlands Land Development Company has indicated a willingness to fund 50% of the cost of the pathway, the Board approved $122,800 in the 2016 Budget for the Township's 50% share.
Ongoing pathway maintenance costs are projected to be $90 per year based on the current Park and Pathway Maintenance Services Contract standards and pricing.
Residents of the Village of Alden Bridge have contacted The Township about the potential to add a pathway along the newly completed Kuykendahl Rd. connector between Crownridge Dr. to Alden Bridge Dr. While this connector road was not slated to have a pathway per the community’s Pathway Master Plan, there is a desire for residents to have a pathway to aid in accessing the shopping center and the two schools in this area (Mitchell and Bush).  Please see Attachment A for maps and proposed alignment of the pathway.
Since this pathway was not in the Master Plan, it would not be funded as part of the master Comprehensive Community Services Agreement, however, The Woodlands Land Development Company (TWLDC) has indicated a willingness to fund 50% of this project (Attachment B). This approach has been used in the past when the pathway on Gosling from Flintridge to Creekside Park was developed.  
As the Board of Directors approved funding for this project in the 2016 Budget, and considering TWLDC is better suited for construction of new pathways in the community, it is recommended to request TWLDC to construct the pathway  in 2015 with the Township  paying their share in Fiscal Year 2016 (Attachment C).
Approve the cost sharing agreement and authorize the President/General Manager to submit the attached letter (Attachment C) to The Woodlands Land Development Company for consideration.
Attachment A - Kuykendahl Pathway Maps
Attachment B - TWLDC Letter of Agreement
Attachment C - Kuykendahl Pathway Cost Sharing Agreement


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