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Meeting Date: 07/16/2015  


Receive, consider and act upon right-of way instrument with Entergy Texas, Inc.  for an easement at Gosling Sports Park;

There are no costs relative to the granting of the right-of-way easement.  However, the easement is necessary to provide access for Entergy to install a transformer to service the new Gosling Sportsfields that are under development.  Cost for transformer is estimated to be $25,000 which was included in the Gosling Sportfields capital project budget.
Entergy Texas, Inc. requires an easement for a transformer  to be located outside of the right of way or an existing easement. This transformer will service the Gosling Sportsfields park and new streetlights along Marsico Place. The location of the transformer will be to the north of the new parking lot, approximately 52 feet from Marsico Place right of way.  Legal counsel has completed a review of the right-of-way instrument easement agreement and has found it to be acceptable (Attachment A). 
Approve the right-of-way instrument with Entergy Texas, Inc. granting a utility easement  to provide service to the Gosling Sportfields and authorize the President/General Manager the authority to execute the agreement.
Attachment A - Right of Way Instrument Entergy Texas easement


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