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Meeting Date: 06/18/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for the annual medical physicals for The Woodlands Fire Department;
$85,000 approved in the 2015 operations budget
For the past 15 years The Woodlands Fire Department (WFD) has had a comprehensive and active employee wellness program which includes annual medical physicals, wellness education and associated fitness testing for all 140 of its emergency response personnel. A Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued for medical physicals with a three year service contract (renewed annually) specifying any proposed fee increase from year over year. (Attachment A)

A selection committee consisting of the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief of Training, and the Township’s Purchasing Manager evaluated and ranked written proposals from three vendors: Alliance Health Resources, Life Scan Wellness Centers and Professional Health Services, Inc. (Attachment B)

Selection criteria was based upon:
• The vendor’s ability to deliver the services specified – 30 points.
• The experience and past performance of the vendor – 30 points.
• The fee structure outlined for the services specified – 40 points.

Below are the results of the evaluation based on a maximum of 100 points:
     Life Scan Wellness Center – 99.33 pts @ $80,660 with no annual increase
     Professional Health Services, Inc. – 79.00 pts @ $99,550 with no annual increase
     Alliance Health Resources – 58.67 pts @ $345,050 with no annual increase
Approve the award of bid to Life Scan Wellness Centers for a period of three years for the medical physicals for The Woodlands Fire Department.
Attachment A: Request for Proposals for Annual Firefighter Medical Physicals
Attachment B: Scoring Analysis of Proposals Submitted


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