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Meeting Date: 04/22/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon an agreement with Brazos Transit District for trolley service;
Not to exceed $388,000 as adopted in the 2015 budget / 50% funding from FTA grant and 50% Township funding.
The Woodlands Township contracts with the Brazos Transit District to provide trolley services in the Woodlands Town Center.  Through this agreement,  the District provides the vehicles, drivers and maintenance and the Township pays an hourly rate for the service.  The funding for this cost comes from FTA grant funds (50%  of cost) and from The Woodlands Township (50% or cost). The proposed contract simply updates the existing agreement (and maintains current service levels) as the current contract expires in May, 2015.   If future changes are made in the trolley service or service levels,  this agreement would need to be amended at that time. 

Funding for the trolley service was appropriated in the Township’s 2015 budget.
Authorize the President / General Manager to enter into the  Interlocal Agreement (as attached) with The Brazos Transit District for the provision of the Waterway Trolley service.
Trolley Agreement 2015


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