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Meeting Date: 04/22/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon a process to develop parking solutions for South Shore Park;
$150,000 has been allocated in the 2015 Capital Project budget to fund the construction of a parking lot at Southshore Park.
A Director recently inquired about the curb cuts at South Shore Park. As you may recall, the 2015 Budget included the potential addition of a parking lot for South Shore Park; however, the current concrete apron was not envisioned to be part of the future parking lot. While it may end up being an entrance or exit, it was installed to provide maintenance equipment a way into/out of the park and was included with the original road contract, prior to Board discussion of a proposed parking lot. In the past, the Township had a cable gate between wooden bollards for access, and these will be re-installed to prohibit access to the concrete aprons after the road project concludes. The Township will not plan any additional changes to this area until the end of the year to give residents a break from The Woodlands Parkway construction project.

As discussed during the budget process, a parking lot for South Shore Park would be beneficial to park visitors but has some inherent challenges. (See attachments) Due to space limitations, the parking lot is only envisioned to contain about 10 spaces and the option that was presented to the Board as part of the budget process includes land that is not anticipated to be conveyed to the Township until later this year. Alternatives to the proposed plan would involve using more of the grass area of the park for the parking lot. Attached is a copy of the proposed parking lot as it was discussed during the budget process. Final determination on construction of this project will be made and awarded by the Board. Before the project is presented to the Board, opportunities will be provided for public input. As with most all capital projects, part of the planning process would include an affected neighbor letter or neighborhood survey.

Alternative construction methods will be provided, such as TruGrid permeable pavers with grass surfacing.

Since the completion of the Woodlands Parkway expansion, staff has received complaints that there is no parking available at the park and complaints from neighbors regarding park visitors parking in their neighborhood and walking to the park.
It is recommended to allow the project design and bidding process to proceed with an anticipated award of bid consideration scheduled for November of 2015.
Southshore Park Parking Lot Capital Project Form and Alternate Design


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