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Meeting Date: 11/19/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon a presentation on all-weather turf and related award of bids for Phase II of the Gosling Sportsfields Complex Development;
$5,354,904 currently remains in the Recreation Facilities Development Capital Budget for the award of bids for Phase II. To date, for Phase I, $970,334 has been spent or encumbered: LJA Engineering ($245,800); Horizon Environmental ($2,500); Apex Geo ($12,800); DMA Sports Group ($64,200); Sonora Construction ($555,034); and to Entergy and others for transformer and electrical utilities ($90,000).

The recommended award of bids for Phase II ( Phase IIA + Phase IIB) totals $4,922,976 leaving $431,928 (8.77%) for contingency. Phase IIA is for the all-weather turf portion and  Phase IIB is for Park Development including all aspects of the project except the all-weather turf.

In order to stay within the remaining allocated budget, the recommendation is based upon selected Bid Alternates and removing certain features and amenities from the scope of Phase IIA and value engineering the project.   
A full analysis for the bids and description of options is presented below in the Background section and related attachments.

Annual maintenance and operating costs are projected to be $157,230: all-weather turf maintenance, grass maintenance, restroom cleaning, gate opening/closing, water/electricity and general park and pathway maintenance. Services will be provided through current contractors and staff and have been included in the 2015 Parks Operations Budget. 

It should be noted that some of the alternate infill material options for the all-weather turf fields will require more annual maintenance and operating costs than the material included in the base bid.
The Board of Directors received an update and presentation on the development of the Gosling Road Sports Park concept and engineering services at their March 20, 2014 meeting. The Board approved the Concept Plan for developing five multi-purpose fields, parking lot, restroom/concession stand and site features and approved a professional services agreement with LJA Engineering and authorized LJA and staff to complete the design, specifications and bidding.
At the Board’s June 19, 2014 meeting the Board approved the site plan to include   3 all weather turf field and 2 natural grass fields and bid the project in two phases- Phase I- clearing and grading and Phase II- the remainder of the project.
In August 2014, the Board awarded the bid for Phase I to Sonora Construction for the clearing and grading and authorized staff to negotiate and value engineer the work for a cost not to exceed $700,000. Through negotiations and value engineering the amount of fill material needed reduced the cost to $555,034, a savings of $144,966.

On October 16, 2014 the Board approved the proposal for all-weather turf consulting to DMA Sports Group in the amount of $64,200. Prior to the discussion of the consultant there was deliberation about all-weather turf and its infill material due to a recent news that there may be a link between crumb rubber and cancer in women.  The Board requested that DMA provided a review of the news and studies regarding the issue and present those findings to the Board in November. A representative from DMA Sports Group will attend the November 19th meeting.

Due to the discussion and input of the Board, an addendum was issued for the bid (Phase IIA) for optional infill materials to include:
  • Coconut/Cork/Sand Organic Fill
  • Zeo-Fill and Cork Fiber Organic
  • Zeo-Fill and EPDM elastomer
Crumb rubber/sand infill material was included in the base bid and is included in the recommended award of bid.  

In discussions with DMA they contend there is limited evidence to support the findings reported in the news and that the current sand and rubber infill mixture at Alden Bridge Sports Park and Bear Branch Sportfields are safe. They referenced the Synthetic Turf Council’s web page which contains independent research on environmental concerns, which has identified crumb rubber as a safe material - (  A Karmanos Hematology expert states research doesn't back up claims linking artificial turf to cancer (Attachment A)

Bid Process
The bid for Phase II was divided into two parts - Phase IIA- All Weather Turf and Phase IIB- Park Development. Bids were advertised on the Township's web site and in the Woodlands Villager.  Mandatory pre-bid meetings were held on October 8 and October 10, 2014 with 26 attendees in attendance. Some companies were represented by more than one person. The due date for bids to be submitted was originally October 31, 2014, however the date was extended to November 5 to afford potential bidders additional time. Four bids were received for Phase IIA (turf) and two bids were received for Phase IIB (Park Development) - (Attachments B1, B2, B3, B4 - submitted bids for All Weather Turf and Attachments C1 and C2 submitted bids for the Park Development.)

Phase IIA- All Weather Turf
The bid for the all-weather turf included 279,300 square feet of turf to cover the three easternmost fields. In addition, the bid includes the concrete curb, field lines, grading, and drain connections to the overall park drainage system. In response to the Board discussion at the October 16th meeting, three optional  infill materials were included as Alternates. These include: 1) Coconut/Cork/Sand Organic Fill; 2) Zeo-Fill and Cork Fiber Organic;  and 3)  Zeo-Fill and EPDM elastomer.  These are alternates to the crumb rubber/sand infill material which was included in the base bid. All of the infill materials are required to deliver the same performance standards as was identified in the original bid materials. Currently, the Township has six fields (544,000 square feet) with the crumb rubber/sand mixture, not to mention public and private schools' fields in the area.

Four vendors submitted bids for Phase IIA:Greenfields, Hellas, Pro Grass and Swank Sports LLC dba Astro Builders. DMA Sports Group reviewed the bids and their recommendation is to select Pro Grass (Attachment D). Pro Grass’ bid totals $2,201,428 or $7.88 per square foot which includes a sand and crumb rubber infill mixture and  with including Alternate A, the specified synthetic grass maintenance equipment for $19,000, their total bid to $2,220,428. No prices were included by Pro Grass for the alternate in-fill materials.

The lowest responsive bidder with an alternate infill was Swank Sports LLC dba Astro Builders, which was $2,779,035 for turf which included a Zeo-Fill and EPDM elastomer infill. To properly maintain the fields they included a price of $9,500 for synthetic grass maintenance equipment which was identified as Alternate A, thus increasing the total bid to $2,788,535. (Attachment E for a tabulation of Phase IIA)

Phase IIB Park Development
The bid for the Park Development includes a restroom/concession stand, pavilion, 6,440 linear feet of 8’ pathway, parking lot, spectator seating, sportfield lights, irrigation and landscape material. Alternates for this project included a playground, options for seed or sod for Fields 1 and 2, a park identification sign, a pathway segment, and sod/seed options for Fields 3, 4, 5 as an alternate to all weather turf.

Two vendors submitted bids for Phase IIB:HouScape and Gulf Coast Landscape. The lowest most responsive bid was from HouScape and are as follows:

• Base Bid + All Alternates + Seed Fields 1 and 2  =                        $3,309,484.00
• Base Bid + All Alternates + Sod Fields 1 and 2 =                           $3,390,629.50
• Base Bid + All Alternates + Seed All Fields (no all weather turf) = $3,478,181.20
• Base Bid + All Alternates + Sod All Fields (no all weather turf) =   $3,669,650.20

The prices presented are those that were included in the submitted bid (Attachment F - tabulation of Phase IIB). The Township has worked with HouScape before as they were the firm that conducted the renovation of Shadowbend Park. This project was completed to the satisfaction of staff and there are limited concerns about moving forward with them for the Gosling Sportfields Phase IIB.

Options and Value Engineering
Since the cost estimates were developed in 2012, there have been significant increases in construction costs due to the cost of materials (cement and steel) and labor. These factors are evident as 21% of the total bid is flatwork (parking lot, pathways, or spectator areas), and an additional 23% is related to the construction of the restroom and concession stand, whereas in initial estimates they were approximately 30% of the total budget. In addition, the scope of the project expanded to include a sanitary sewer line as the initial site survey  gave indications that a sewer line was in close proximity to the project. However, the line was mistakenly marked and the addition amounts to $51,630.

It should also be noted that the amounts presented herein do not include site amenities such as bleachers ($20,000), player/spectator shade structure ($175,000), 200 person bleacher ($25,000), fence ($10,000), way finding signs ($21,000) as these items anticipated to be purchased after the park was completed from any remainder in the project budget.  These amenities total $255,000. 

The following Options have been developed to provide options for consideration.  $5,354,904 is currently available for award of bids and contingency.

Option A - Sod Grass Fields 1 & 2/Alternate InFill All Weather Turf/All Bid Alternates/Site Amenities 
IIB - Houscape IIA- Swank IIA + IIB        
$3,390,630 $2,788,535 $6,179,165 Sub-total Site Amenities Total Variance
  3% contingency $185,375 $6,364,539 $255,000 $6,619,539 $1,264,635
  5% contingency $308,958 $6,488,123 $255,000 $6,743,123 $1,388,219
  8% contingency $494,333 $6,673,498 $255,000 $6,928,498 $1,573,594

Option B - Seed Grass Fields 1 & 2/Standard InFill All Weather Turf/All Bid Alternates/Site Amenities
IIB - Houscape IIA - ProGrass IIA + IIB        
$3,390,630 $2,220,428 $5,529,912 Sub-total Site Amenities Total Variance
  3% contingency $165,897 $5,695,809 $255,000 $5,950,809 $595,905
  5% contingency $276,496 $5,806,408 $255,000 $6,061,408 $706,504
  8% contingency $442,393 $5,972,305 $255,000 $6,227,305 $872,401

As both Options A and B are over budget, the project can be down sized and value engineered to be within the remaining budget of $5,354,904.
Additional options were developed that include the standard infill material for the all weather turf due to the recommendations identified in Attachment E by DMA Sports Group. Changing to an alternate infill is not recommended due in part to the additional cost and added annual maintenance costs, but also due to the the lack of research that establishes a cause and effect relationship to carcinogens and the crumb rubber.

Option C- Seeded Fields 1 & 2/Standard InFill All Weather Turf/Value Engineering Phase IIB
The bid specifications provides the Township to value engineer the project through adding, deleting or modifying any or all tasks based upon the unit costs submitted in the bids.  As HouScape was determined to be the lowest and most responsible bidder, staff worked with them to value engineer certain tasks/ line items:

• Modifying the irrigation at Fields 1 and 2
• Modifying an 8 foot wide pathway to be 6 feet wide
• Revising the landscape plan to an amount not to exceed $100,000
• Removing the sport field lights from the scope (deduct of $618,000)
o The lights can be purchased from Techline through a Buy Board contract for $519,900 a savings of almost $100,000 (Attachment G) Techline is the vendor the Township has used for adding lights to Creekwood, Harper’s Landing, Falconwing, and Shadowbend Parks. While these parks were designed to 20 foot candle specifications, the sportsfields' standard is 30-40 foot candles.

  IIB - Houscape IIA - ProGrass IIA + IIB        
  $3,309,484 $2,220,428          
- $ 53,210            
- $113,451            
Pathway width
-$ 73,416            
Remove Lights - $618,000            
Sub-Total  - HouScape $2,451,407            
BuyBoard Lights - Techline $  519,900            
Total  $2,971,307 $2,220,428 $5,191,735 Sub-Total Site
Total Variance
3% Contingency     $155,752 $5,347,504 $255,000 $5,602,504 $247,600
5% Contingency     $259,587 $5,4513,22 $255,000 $5,706,322 $351,418
8% Contingency     $415,339 $5,607,074 $255,000 $5,862,074 $507,170
Option D - Additional Value Engineering including Option C
To further reduce the scope of the project to ensure it is within the allocated dollars the removal of the following items totals $268,839:
• Playground - $118,872
• South Pathway - $91,200
• Decomposed Granite Pathway - $58,767

  HouScape ProGrass IIA+IIB        
  $2,451,407 $2,220,428          
- $118,872            
S. Pathway
- $ 91,120            
Remove DG
- $ 58,767            
Total HouScape $2,182,648            
sportsfield lights
$   519,900            
Total $2,702,548 $2,220,428 $4,922,976 Sub-total Site
Total Variance
3% Contingency     $147,689 $5,070,665 $255,000 $5,325,665 - $29,239
5% Contingency     $246,149 $5,169,125 $255,000 $5,424,125   $69,221
8% Contingency     $393,838 $5,316,814 $255,000 $5,571,814 $216,910
Option D with a 3% contingency is the first option that is within the allocated budget, however it only retains a very small contingency. As this project is still in the early stages, there are a number of unknowns that could trigger additional costs. Other recent projects in the community had a contingency fund of 8%-15%.  Therefore a final Option E has been prepared that removes the site amenities of $255,000 to provide more contingency.  As this project will not be completed until early fall 2015, the Board may consider allocating $255,000 in the 2016 capital budget to complete the site amenities.

Option E -  Removal of Site Amenities including Option D
HouScape ProGrass Techline Total Contractors Contingency Site
Total Variance
$2,182,648 $2,220,428 $519,900 $4,922,976        
        3% = $147,689 0 $5,070,665 - $284,239
        5% = $246,149 0 $5,169,125 - $185,779
        8% = $393,838 0 $5,316,814  -$  38,090

Option E would leave $431,928 ($393,838 + $38,090) for contingency or 8.77%.

It is believed that staff can work with ProGrass, Techline and HouScape to further value engineer the project thus increasing the available dollars for contingency, testing and perhaps have the potential to add back items into the project that were value engineered out.
Approve Option E, awarding the bid to ProGrass for Phase IIA in the amount of $2,220,428 and to HouScape for Phase IIB in the amount of $2,182,648 and to Techline for sport field lighting per the BuyBoard contract in the amount of $519,900; and to  authorize the President/General Manager to execute the related Construction Agreements with each of the selected contractors; and to further authorize the President/General Manager to approve Change Orders and/or Purchase Orders as may become necessary or beneficial to adding back into the project in an amount not to exceed the contingency amount of $431,928. 


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