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Meeting Date: 10/16/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon a resolution designating the Montgomery County Tax Assessor-Collector as The Woodlands Township’s agent for administering and monitoring performance of tax abatement agreements with The Woodlands Township;
No additional cost.
Tax abatement agreements require periodic monitoring for performance and may require enforcement action by the taxing unit. Tax abatement applications require review for administrative completeness and compliance with adopted guidelines and criteria.  J. R. Moore previously provided this service to Montgomery County at no additional charge, and as the Township's Tax Assessor-Collector, handled this for the Township, too. J.R. Moore has retired, Tammy McRae will handle these services for Montgomery County. Ms. McRae has agreed to continue providing this service to the Township also. As the Township's previous Resolution 013-09 designating tax abatement monitoring agent specifically named J.R. Moore, a new resolution is required. The new resolution includes language to the effect that whoever holds the office of Montgomery County Tax Assessor/Collector is the Township’s agent so long as they are also the Township’s Tax Assessor/Collector, which should avoid having to adopt a new resolution each time there is a change in that office.  

All decisions on enforcement actions remain the responsibility of the Board, however a representative to review and recommend action is helpful.
Adopt the attached resolution designating Tammy McRae as the Township's agent and representative for administering and monitoring performance of tax abatement agreements of The Woodlands Township.
Resolution 014-14 Designating Tax Abatement Monitoring and Enforcement Agent


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