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Meeting Date: 10/16/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon the selection of an all weather turf consultant for the Gosling Sportsfield project;
$6,055,258.54 currently remains in the Recreation Facilities Development Capital Budget for this project which includes fees associated with the design/engineering fees to LJA and turf consultant. To date, $101,318.90 has been spent on engineering fees, soil testing and the wetland assessment. At the Board’s August 2014 meeting an award of bid, not to exceed $700,000 was awarded to Sonora Construction for Phase I- Clearing and Grading. $75,000 was budgeted for the services of an All Weather Turf Consultant in the project budget.  The cost of the all-weather turf consultant selected for the project,  DMA Sports Group, is $64,200.
The Board of Directors received an update and presentation on the development of the Gosling Road Sports Park concept and engineering services at the March 20, 2014 meeting. The Board approved the Concept Plan for developing five multi-purpose fields, parking lot, restroom/concession stand and site features and approved a professional services agreement with LJA Engineering and authorized LJA and staff to complete the design, specifications and bidding.
At the June 19, 2014 meeting the Board approved the site plan which consists of 3 all weather turf and 2 grass fields and to bid the project in two phases- Phase I- clearing and grading and Phase II- the remainder of the project. At the Board’s August 2014 meeting an award of bid for Phase I- Clearing and Grading was approved. It is anticipated that the Phase II Bid will be presented to the Board at the November meeting (Phase II A- All Weather Turf, Phase II B- Park Improvements).

As was indicated in March and in August,  professional services are needed for the all-weather turf portion of the project - similar to the Bear Branch and Alden Bridge sports fields projects.   "Buy Board", a purchasing cooperative approved by the Board of Directors, was used to facilitate the procurement of the professional engineering services of an all weather turf consultant. This purchasing cooperative provides cost effectiveness and timeliness for the selection process as the goal is to have the facility open by August 2015- in time to host the Texas Rush Cup.   In addition, all of the firms pre-screened and on contract through the Buy Board are Texas based firms thus it affords those consultants to be readily accessible with reduced travel expenses/reimbursables.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) was developed (Attachment A) that outlines the responsibilities of the consultant which includes the design, bid management and construction administration. The four vendors registered with the Buy Board (Attachment B) were notified about the RFP on September 11 and a follow up email was sent on September 15 (Attachment C). Staff was in contact with two vendors during the RFP process and one proposal was received (Attachment D). Staff reviewed the submitted proposal and requested clarification information related to the availability of a state of Texas registered professional engineer that would be assigned to the project and the number of fields they have worked on that were either FIFA 1 or 2 or IRB certified (Attachment E).

No fee was included in the proposal as the scope of work falls under the Professional Services Procurement Act (Title 10, F, 2254, A) thus the Township “may not select a provider of professional services or a group or association of providers or award a contract for the services on the basis of competitive bids submitted for the contract or for the services, but shall make the selection and award”. In light of this and the ranking, staff commenced the price negotiation process with DMA Sports Group.

A fee of $64,200, which is inclusive of reimbursables, was negotiated which is below the budgeted amount of $75,000.

DMA Sports Group is a recognized leader in the all weather turf consulting field and have provided services for numerous FIFA 1 or 2 or IRB certified fields. DMA provided the consulting services to the Township for the Bear Branch Sports Fields and Alden Bridge Sports Park all-weather turf renovation project and staff found them to be experts in the field and very beneficial to the success of the project. 

To ensure the price negotiated was fair and reasonable,  staff compared the price for the scope of work for the Gosling  project to the price for  the scope of work for the previous project, factoring in the additional work required at Gosling for a undeveloped site and "ground -up" project instead of a renovation project and for the additional site inspection visits  specified for Gosling and believe the cost for Gosling could  be 10%-15% less than what could be expected. In addition, based upon a survey of other communities who have or are  installing several all weather turf fields, the going average rate for consultant charges is $45,000 per field.  The Gosling price would be $21,400 per field.  
Authorize the President/General Manager to execute a Professional Services Agreement with DMA Sports Group for consultation services for the all-weather turf at Gosling Sports Fields in an amount not to exceed $64,200.
Attachment A - RFP All Weather Turf Consultant
Attachment B- Buy Board Vendors
Attachment C - Emails to Buy Board Vendors
Attachment D - Submitted Proposal/ No Bid
Attachment E - RFP Analysis
Attachment F - PSA DMA Sports Group Gosling Sports Fields


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