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Meeting Date: 10/16/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon a Letter of Intent with San Jacinto River Authority for restoration of landscape related to contruction of the Groundwater Reduction Project;
None. Funding to be provided by the San Jacinto River Authority.
As the Board is aware, the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) has undertaken a substantial construction effort in installing surface water transmission lines as part of its implementation of its Groundwater Reduction Plan. The installation of such lines by the SJRA and its contractors necessitated the removal of certain trees, shrubs and other vegetation within and adjacent to areas of the surface water line construction within the Township.

To ensure that the vegetation in the disturbed areas is restored in accordance with established community standards, the SJRA has proposed to make funds available to the Township so that The Brickman Group Township can perform the restorative work under its existing contract for streetscape maintenance within The Woodlands.  This ensures that the landscape restoration will be performed to The Woodlands standards and expectations.

The SJRA has prepared and delivered a proposed Letter of Intent (attached) whereby: (i) the SJRA will identify the disturbed areas; (ii) the Township, in consultation with The Woodlands Land Development Company, will develop a plan relative to restoring the vegetation in those areas; (iii) the plan will be submitted to the SJRA and the County for review, comment and approval; (iv) once approved, the Township will obtain one or more cost proposals for the restorative work; and, (v) if the SJRA approves of the cost proposal, the Township and SJRA will enter into an agreement whereby the Township will contract for the restorative work and the SJRA will pay the costs thereof.

In the event the SJRA does not approve of the restoration plan or the cost proposal, the SJRA will complete the restorative work through its own contractor(s). However, based upon communications between staff and the SJRA to date, it is anticipated that both the plan and proposal(s) will be approved.
Approve the Letter of Intent with the San Jacinto River Authority and authorize the President/General Manager to execute an agreement between the Township and the SJRA relative to vegetation restoration in accordance with the Letter of Intent.
SJRA Letter of Intent


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