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Meeting Date: 10/16/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon a Data Center Fiber Agreement;
$9,863.60 monthly service fee
The Township currently maintains two data centers. The primary data center is located at Townhall. The 2014 budget approved the secondary data center located at the Central Fire Station. The installation is currently underway.
The Township’s mission critical applications will be replicated between the two data centers with the exception of the email system. The Township’s email system currently resides in the cloud.

The Township currently relies on a single Internet Service Provider and Fiber data line provider. This is recognized as a central point of failure. In the event the service provider is out of service, the Township will be unable to communicate between the primary and secondary data center; as well as the Internet.

The 2015 Information Technology Budget approved a second Internet service provider and data line provider between the Primary and Secondary Data Center for disaster recovery.

TW Telecom was selected as the redundant Internet Service Provider and Fiber line provider via the Texas Department of Information Resources government purchasing plan for $9,863.60 per month for a thirty-six month term. TW Telecom will provide fully redundant 150 Mbps Internet access and a Gbps enterprise switched network connecting the two data centers. This will provide an additional layer of redundancy and fault tolerance.

Construction of the fiber lines between the two data centers can take up to ninety days. This agreement will initiate construction before 2015. No monies will be collected until completion in Q1 of 2015 in order to have services up and running well before the 2015 hurricane season.

Authorize the President/General Manager to execute the agreement with TW Telecom.


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