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Meeting Date: 07/17/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon approving and authorizing execution of an Election Services Agreement with Montgomery County, Texas;

Township portion of the agreement to be determined.

The Election Services Agreement defines the terms, conditions and estimated costs under which the Montgomery County Election Office will administer the election for the Montgomery County portion of the Township.

The Montgomery County Elections Administrator has not yet promulgated this year’s forms for a Joint Election Agreement or an Election Services Agreement, nor has a cost estimate for election services by Montgomery County yet been sent. These documents and materials are expected prior to the July 17 Board meeting and will be forwarded to the Board upon receipt. No substantive changes are anticipated. The unit cost to the Township should be comparable to previous elections.

A copy of the 2013 election services agreement is attached for reference.
Authorize the President/General Manager to approve and execute the Election Services Agreement with Montgomery County upon receipt, staff’s and legal counsel’s determination that the agreement is substantially similar to last year’s form of agreement, and the cost to the Township is not substantially higher than previous November elections.
Election Services


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