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Meeting Date: 07/17/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon conveyance of Village of Creekside Park Section 26, ROSR A;
Annual maintenance cost for this Restricted Open Space Reserve (ROSR) is $3,304, which will be added to the Park and Pathway Maintenance Service Agreement with Bio Landscape, Inc.  Maintenance for  ROSRs without improvements is typically limited to as-needed tree removal and drainage remediation; however, this ROSR contains a large grass area that will be maintained to Tier D standards. Included in this ROSR is approximately 1,325 linear feet of pathways which is estimated to cost $45.17 per year to maintain.
The Woodlands Land Development Company (TWLDC) has submitted for conveyance by Special Warranty Deed (Attachment A) one Restricted Open Space Reserve - Village of Creekside Park Section 26, ROSR- A - which totals 3.51 acres.  The ROSR has been inspected and a pre-conveyance report has been provided to TWLDC. No major issues were reported; however, it is recommended that dead trees be removed and pathway stops signs and stenciling be installed  as a condition of conveyance. Legal counsel has completed a review of the Special Warranty Deed and has found it to be acceptable.
Accept the conveyance by Special Warranty Deed from The Woodlands Land Development Company, L.P. for Village of Creekside Park Section 26, ROSR A.
Attachment A - Special Warranty Deed Village of Creekside Park Section 26, ROSR A


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