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Meeting Date: 03/26/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon approval of a Residential Survey proposal;
The Woodlands Township has $35,000 budgeted for Public Opinion Surveys in the Community Relations budget. As stated in the 2014 budget narrative, this line item is used to gauge public opinion of The Woodlands and its programs. This research includes public opinions about development in The Woodlands, public safety, wayfinding systems, transportation, shopping, dining, and other related aspects, specifically geared to services and programs of The Woodlands Township.
The Woodlands Township traditionally conducts a survey of The Woodlands residents approximately every two years for purposes of obtaining resident opinions of services and for use as a budgeting and planning tool. Results are online on The Woodlands Township Web site.
In preparation for the 2014 survey, staff has reviewed and updated the questionnaire to include most of the same questions as the previous survey. This has several benefits: to allow trending of the information by maintaining the same questions, to speed the process of getting survey results because it will eliminate time spent in approving and testing new questions, and it eliminates costs related to developing and testing new questions. New questions related to mobility and transportation have been added to this year’s survey as this will be a new responsibility of the Township in 2014 and beyond.
The RFP was revised to request methodology for how the selected vendor will approach the need to include alternative methods since many people are no longer using land-line phones. Please see attached pages from the recommended consultant’s proposal addressing this issue.
Following Board approval, the RFP was issued following the February 26, 2014, Board meeting with a deadline of March 18, 2014, at 5 p.m. The bid request was automatically received by more than 100 subscribers to the Township’s Professional Services listserv on the Bid Postings page, and it was also e-mailed to at least six companies who were known to have an interest in bidding on the project.
A total of seven responses were received (five proposals and two declines) as outlined below. A team of five staff members studied the proposals and scored them according to the criteria outlined in the RFP. The totals and recommendation show below.
With approved selection of the consultant, the survey is scheduled to be conducted in April and May, with results presented to the Board at the June 19, 2014, Board workshop.
Five full proposals were received from the following companies: Candid Research Solutions (CRS), Nustats Research Solutions (NRS), Public Research Group (PRG), LJR Custom Strategies (LJR) and Creative Consumer Research (CCR).
In addition, C&C Market Research sent notice that they declined because they only collect data.
CDS Market Research, who had previously proposed to conduct the survey, declined because they did not believe they could perform the quality of survey desired for the budget amount that was approved by the Board.
A team of five staff members reviewed all of the proposals and scored each of the proposals on each respective company’s ability to meet the scope of work, the methodology including addressing the diminishing use of landline phones, price, experience, references and other information provided, including margin of error and value for the dollar. Each was scored according to the submittal requirements listed in the RFP as well as the weights specified in the Selection Process section of the RFP.
The chart below shows the total scores and averages received by each company, as well as pricing, margin of error and recommended sample size.
  Staff Member CRS NRS PRG LJR CCR    
  A 55 88 90 65 95    
  B 40 78 55 46 92    
  C 26 82 55 45 100    
  D 50 98 97 58 98    
  E 48 97 95 78 95    
  Total Score 219 443 392 292 480    
  Average Score 43.8 88.6 78.4 58.4 96    
  Pricing $40-45,000 + travel $34,928.52 $23,500 plus additional billing and travel $45,000 $32,650    
  Total Margin of Error +4% +3.5% +3.5% +3.1% +2.9%    
  Recommended Sample Size 600 800 800 1,000 1,150    
Following the scoring, staff recommends Creative Consumer Research for the following reasons:
  • Price within budget
  • Most value for the dollar (largest sample size, lowest cost per interview)
  • Lowest margin of error
  • Addresses diminishing landline use by using a dual methodology of telephone interviews and web-based surveys in addition to a database of cell phone numbers.
  • Full understanding of the project and familiarity with The Woodlands
  • Excellent experience conducting surveys for cities and government entities
  • Excellent previous work conducted for The Woodlands Township
Approve the selection of Creative Consumer Research (CCR) as the consultant to conduct the 2014 Resident Survey according to the specified schedule.
Resident Survey


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