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Meeting Date: 06/28/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of proposal for video production services (C-2017-0223); 
The total cost of services projected for video production services is estimated at $26,125.00, based upon historical hours billed and using the recommended vendors submitted hourly rates.  $35,700 is allocated for this service in the Law Enforcement/Neighborhood Services budget. 
In May 2017, The Woodlands Township issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) from experienced and qualified firms to assist the Township in producing promotional, presentational and image-building videos related to special events such as National Night Out (NNO) and the Public Safety Awards and other events and programs as determined by the Township (Attachment A).  In total, five companies responded to RFP The Woodlands Township. Attachment B
The RFP was advertised on the Township’s website bid posting page beginning May 19, 2017, and an advertisement was placed in The Villager on May 24, 2017 and was direct mailed to known vendors in the area. 
Proposals were received from:
  • Silver Rock Productions
  • Rising Fall
  • Dynamic Global Media
  • Flat Luxx Productions
  • Focus EduVation, Inc.
Proposals were reviewed independently by a three member employee review committee, using established criteria:
Video Production Services Criteria – Score Sheet
  • Pricing = 40%
  • Creative ideas = 20%
  • Demonstrated experience and qualifications = 10%
  • Stock video or previous NNO or events in Township = 15%
  • Promo vide = 5%
  • Equipment = 5%
  • References = 5%
To determine the scores for the pricing proposals submitted by a per hour unit cost, historical invoicing hours per category of services were used from past video productions. The historical hours were multiplied by hourly cost oe each proposal to determine a projected annual price for each potential vendor; and then ranked by the least cost as #1 to the highest cost as #5 (Attachment C) .  The ranking was then included in the overall Score Sheet and weighted at 40% of the overall score (Attachment D).  A summary of the Score Sheet is provided below:

   Silver Rock     Productions Rising Fall      Dynamic      Global Media      Flat Luxx     Productions      Focus      EduVation
Criteria Score Sheet 99 64 60 57 39
Ranking 1 2 3 4 5

Silver Rock Productions ranked number one, meeting all requirements of the RFP and is therefore the recommended vendor for Video Production Services. Silver Rock Productions has over ten years of experience in video production services for those events noted in the RFP, including a stock library of past Township events and places in the Township and has produced numerous videos for and in the Township.
Award a three-year video production services agreement to Silver Rock Productions and authorize the President/ General Manager to execute the agreement as approved to form by the Township Attorney. 
Attachment A- RFP Video Production Services
Attachment C - Video Production Services Cost Projections
Attachment D - RFP Video Production Services Criteria Score Sheet


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