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Meeting Date: 06/28/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon approval for additional services per the Park and Pathway Maintenance Contract for the installation of an under-grass grid and drainage system at Northshore Park (C-2016-0001A);
A total of $655,000 has been allocated for natural grass renovations of Town Green Park and Northshore Park. The Town Green project was completed after the 4th of July in 2016 and $281,838 remains to complete a similar project at Northshore Park. The cost to renovate the grass at Northshore Park through additional services per the Park and Pathway Maintenance Services Agreement contract pricing with BrightView totals $281,200 including the True Grid product cost of  $53,200.
During the spring of 2015, The Woodlands and surrounding areas received historical rainfalls. While these rainfalls occurred, Town Green Park and Northshore Parks hosted a number of community based events.  Due to the rains and the high levels of traffic,  turf conditions were difficult to maintain at a high level. Furthermore, a repeat of these rains fell in 2016 (April and May) and compounded the difficulty of managing the number of events and the desired turf quality. Overall, the compaction coupled with the decomposition of the grass necessitated large scale removals of the existing turf and several rounds of aerification, top dressing and over seeding.  In light of this concern, the Board of Directors directed staff to develop a plan on how to manage rain events while ensuring proper turf quality for these special events.
After reviewing a number of options including installing a herringbone drain structure, installing artificial turf and the removal of the current grass and replacement with a sand based sod, it was determined the most effective plan would be to:
  • Excavate 4 inches of material
  • Install a sub-surface drainage system
  • Install a turf grid system (True Grid) 
  • Retro fit the irrigation system to the new layout
  • Use a sandy based top spoil and turf grass
This option was selected based on the facts that it would provide positive drainage, create a 4 inch system for significant rainfalls, and manage compaction issues. While this option improves the structure of the grass and will aid in the health of the turf, time and resources will need to be allocated due to the continued increased used of this park. The area included in the scope would be the 'western' section of the park where the majority of community activities are held.
This system was installed at Town Green Park in July 2016 and there were no issues with wet/soggy grounds, since the installation. Staff of the Parks and Recreation Department continues to expand their understanding of how to grow, maintain and produce grass in this new medium as compared to a traditional field. 
Brightview is the current Park and Pathway Maintenance contractor and contract provisions allow additional services per the established unit pricing ( Attachment A)  Brightview was selected for the Town Green Park installation and is recommended for the Northshore Park renovation as they will be maintaining the grass after the installation and have experience with these large turf renovations. BrightView will provide the recommended True Grid system.
If approved, the plan is to commence after the Red, Hot and Blue Festival (July 4th) and be completed by September 1.
Approve the additional services to the Park and Pathway Maintenance Services Agreement with  Brightview in the amount of $281,200 for the installation of an under-grass grid and drainage system at Northshore Park. 
Attachment A - Northshore Park Turf Renovation BrightView Contract pricing


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