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Meeting Date: 06/28/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon a Revised 2017 Interlocal Agreement with Montgomery County for the provision of Law Enforcement Services provided through the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office (C-2017-0224);
The adopted 2017 Budget for the provision of enhanced law enforcement services totals $10,169,098, which includes: personnel, directed overtime programs, replacement vehicles, computers and miscellaneous equipment, monthly air card costs, K9 support for two dogs and vehicle fuel. The new contract reduces the number of contract personnel from 92.5 to 87 full-time positions and the required funding will be reduced accordingly. 
The Woodlands Township contracts annually with Montgomery County for supplemental law enforcement services provided through the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office (MCSO). The Township's current contract was approved on October 20, 2016, for the 2017 calendar year. At the Township Board meetings on January 25 and April 20, 2017, Sheriff Rand Henderson presented his strategic plan for law enforcement services throughout the County. Sheriff Henderson explained the evolving plans to restructure District 6 as well as changes to the policing philosophy county-wide. He also indicated to the Board he would like to modify the contract between Montgomery County and The Woodlands Township to allow administrative roles to be funded by Montgomery County instead of The Woodlands Township. 

Staff has worked with Sheriff Henderson and the County on a revised Interlocal Agreement to replace the current agreement for 2017. The following is a summary of the major contract changes:
The major cost change is that the amended agreement changes the number of contract personnel from 92.5 full-time positions to 87 full-time positions. The agreement changes 5.5 positions from Township contract funding to county funding. The positions to be funded through the County are the District 6 Captain position, a Lieutenant position, 2 Jailers and 1.5 administrative personnel. 

The Sheriff’s proposal changes contract personnel from 8-hour shifts to 12-hour shifts with the total base wage hours not to exceed 80 scheduled hours in the two week shift. This is accomplished through 6 full shifts of 12 hours and a light shift of 8 hours during the two week period. There is no scheduled overtime that is part of this change from the 8 hour shift to 12 hour shifts. 

There are three exhibits that have been included in the agreement.  
  • Exhibit A is a map of the existing District 6 boundaries which includes the boundaries of The Woodlands Township in Montgomery County and Timber Lakes/Timber Ridge area. These boundaries are not expected to change through the contract term as the Township boundaries are limited by agreements with other entities.   
  • Exhibit B is the list of contract personnel assigned to District 6. We recognize that this listing will be revised over time as contract deputies move in and out of District 6 but it provides a good summary of the positions assigned and the budgetary impact. 
  • Exhibit C is a copy of the current law enforcement report developed monthly by Township staff. The intent is that the MCSO will continue to provide report data that allows Township staff to compile the monthly law enforcement report (for the Montgomery County portion of The Woodlands) in the current format. 
The contract runs through December 31, 2017, and includes automatic one year renewal terms (unless notice is given) for up to three additional years. There is a provision in Article 5 (C) which provides a method for the Township to update the agreement with amended budget numbers on an annual basis. This provision allows the Township President/General Manager to provide a letter to the Sheriff following the approval of the annual budget by The Woodlands Township Board of Directors that will be attached to the agreement.

The letter will effectively act to amend the agreement by providing the authorized budget (approved by the Township Board) for the upcoming budget year for the following contract costs: 
  • personnel costs and benefits as listed in Exhibit C  
  • overtime costs 
  • vehicle acquisition costs 
  • fuel costs
Representatives from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office will attend the meeting to respond to any Board questions.
Approve the Interlocal Agreement with Montgomery County and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office for the provision of Law Enforcement Services through the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and authorize the President/General Manager to execute the agreement.
Revised Interlocal Agreement


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