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Meeting Date: 04/20/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon amendments to the Conroe-The Woodlands UZA bylaws;
The Woodlands Township Board of Directors previously approved a proposed change to the Conroe-The Woodlands UZA bylaws to rename the "UZA Transit Advisory Committee" to the "UZA Mobility Advisory Committee" and to allow the UZA to appoint a Countywide Subcommittee in support of evaluating countywide urban and rural transportation and mobility issues and initiatives of interest to the Committee members, their governing bodies, and the general public. 

At the March 21, 2017 quarterly meeting of the Conroe-The Woodlands UZA Transit Advisory Committee, members of the committee made recommendations to amend the bylaws which differed slightly from the originally proposed changes. While the authority to form a subcommittee remained the same, the name change to the UZA Transit Advisory Committee was changed and approved by its members to now be the "UZA Mobility Committee"; removing "Advisory" from the proposed name previously approved by the Board of Directors.

The recommended change to the proposed name requires approval by both the City of Conroe and The Woodlands Township Board of Directors before it can take effect. The Bylaws cannot be changed without approval by both governing bodies.

A copy of the current UZA Bylaws is attached for reference.
Approve changes to the Conroe-The Woodlands UZA Bylaws.
UZA Bylaws


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