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Meeting Date: 04/20/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon the Interlocal Agreement with Brazos Transit District for provision of Trolley Services (C-2017-0160);  
FY2017 Budget: $646,000 (50% FTA Reimb.)
Estimated FY2017 Operations: $726,000

FY2017 Budget Variance: $80,000 (50% Reimb.)
FY2017 Budget Variance after FTA Assistance: $40,000
The Interlocal Agreement (ILA) by and between The Woodlands Township and Brazos Transit District (BTD) for the provision of Trolley services is up for renewal. The current ILA expires in May 2017.

While the operation of the Trolley service is not expected to change from its current characteristics, BTD has notified the Township that after several years of operating at the same operating rate of $62.34 per hour, they will have to increase rates by approximately five percent (5%) to $65.46 per hour. This is the first rate increase since the service started in the mid-2000s; paratransit rates are unaffected by this change.

A cost analysis conducted in June 2016 found that other providers in the region had costs for similar full turnkey service (urban circulator service) between $72.88 per hour and $131.83 per hour. The low end costs were reported by Houston METRO for their downtown circulator service. The high end costs were quoted by a private provider.

If approved, the ILA would be in effect for 12 months, at which time a renewal will be brought to the Board of Directors for consideration.

The draft ILA document is attached as reference.
Approve the 2017 ILA by and between The Woodlands Township and BTD and authorize the President/General manager to execute the agreement.
2017 Trolley Agreement


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