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Meeting Date: 02/22/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon an update on the Recreation Center in the Village of Creekside Park (former YMCA) operations plan;
$500,000 has been allocated in the 2017 Parks and Recreation Capital Improvement Budget to fund repairs, renovations and improvements to the facility. A summary of the capital improvements follows:
  • $225,000  Facility improvements including office space and rooms for recreational programs
  • $100,000  Fitness equipment
  • $  60,000  Mule/ATV and other facility maintenance equipment
  • $  30,000  Repairs to tipis and trails
  • $  30,000  Signage and entry marquee 
  • $  30,000  Provide electricity to outdoor facilities
  • $  25,000  Archery range
Opening up a facility the size and scope of the recently acquired recreation center in the Village of Creekside Park is an exciting challenge as there are many aspects to consider such as patron safety, facility usability, identify/scope/contract for routine facility maintenance, renovation and  operations (landscape, custodial, etc.), equipment orders (office, fitness, tables, chairs, etc.), marketing, public relations, and other items. Programming events and services takes on average six months to properly plan, hire, develop market and then execute due to various publication deadlines, i.e.. Action Guide.  Most importantly, is the challenge of hiring qualified staff to manage the facility as they will be handling the day to day aspects of the facility.  Furthermore, the opening of this facility is akin to opening both a Recreation Center and a park due to the variety and types of amenities on this campus. With these factors the following outline has been developed to provide a “rolling” opening to the facility.  This schedule provides some limited  public use of the facility as early as mid-March, with increased usage as the repairs and renovations are completed. 

  • Maintenance contracts development: landscaping, janitorial, security systems, 
  • Grounds Renovation: dead tree removal, boardwalk repair, granite pathway repair and renovation, power wash facility, amphitheater repair
  • Equipment purchase: mule/cart
  • Design and bid  Fitness/ workout area; office lobby expansion; program rooms
  • Install picnic tables 
  • Recruitment and interviews for facility leadership: Recreation Supervisor
  • Develop recommendations for facility rental fees  and implementation of reservation software
  • Hire  Recreation Supervisor 
  • Recruitment  and interviews of facility programming and support staff  - full /part time and seasonal staff
  • Bid Repairs and  Renovations 
  • Equipment purchasing (furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Tentative Programs/Services - dependent upon renovation construction schedule
    • Mother Daughter Tea – March 11
    • Spring Break Contractor Camp Location – Cook Learn Grow, Young Rembrandts – March 13-17
    • March 25 – Earth Day Pick Up location
    • Swim Team Kick Off – March 26
    • Muddy Trails Packet Pick Up – March 30-31
  • Award Building Renovation bid(s)
  • IT Equipment Purchase and Set up (computers, ipads, phone system, etc)
  • Continue hiring process for other full /part time and seasonal staff
  • Tentative Programs/Services
    • Summer Action Guide Online featuring article on Creekside Recreation Center.
    • April 1 – Muddy Trails (Staging, Volunteer Check in, VIP area?)
    • Recreation Program Contractor Training Meetings – Fall Programming and planning
    • Pool Pass Sales open if construction allows/ opportunity for limited hours if needed open to public.
  • Office construction complete and facility open for calls/ registrations/ customer service/ pool pass sales
  • Building construction of walls begins (fitness room) waiting on August for the program rooms due to camp operations.
  • Tentative Programs/Services
    • Summer Action Guide sent to all Woodlands residents featuring blurb for Creekside Recreation Center.
    • Press Release/ Eblast/ Blog/ FB notice/ Newsletters with facility details, contact information, hours, summer programs at Creekside location.  Registration open for summer offerings.
    • Summer planning/ Fall planning – programs/ preparing contracts
    • Field Reservations and limited indoor rentals open
    • Limited preschool and youth programs during construction; establish Saturday programs for summer programming; sell as rental space for summer parties

  • Facility open regular hours
  • Building Construction Continues (Programs to work around fitness construction)
  • Tentative Programs/Services
    • Four (4) page spread in Community Magazine with Creekside information based off May Marketing and including all summer offerings. 
    • June 5-9 – contractor camps indoor rooms
    • June 12 – Sunny Dayz Bear Branch Camp Visit AM Creekside Brady activities; PM RFAC Field Trip
    • June 12-16 – contractor camps indoor rooms; Boy Scouts Evening Camp Rental
    • June 19-23 – contractor camps indoor rooms; Sunny Dayz Adventure indoor/outdoor
    • June 28 – Sunny Dayz Bear Branch Camp Visit Day Field Trip
    • June 26-30 – contractor camps indoor rooms; Sunny Dayz Adventure indoor/outdoor
  • Building Construction Continues (Programs to work around fitness construction)
  • Fitness Room set up, if possible
  • Tentative Programs/Services
    • Fourth of July – Rob Fleming Event Staging/ VIP/ Volunteers; use of amphitheater
    • July 3-7 -  contractor camps indoors
    • July 10-14 - contractor camps indoor rooms; Sunny Dayz Adventure indoor/outdoor
    • July 17-21 - contractor camps indoor rooms; Sunny Dayz Adventure indoor/outdoor
    • July 24-28 - contractor camps indoor rooms; Sunny Dayz Adventure indoor/outdoor
  • Fitness Room set up
  • Room walls construction start August 21
  • Tentative Programs/Services
    • Fall Action Guide online and registration opens for both locations. 
    • August 6 – Lifeguard Banquet
    • July 31-August 4 - contractor camps indoor rooms; Sunny Dayz Adventure indoor/outdoor
    • August 7-11 - contractor camps indoor rooms; Sunny Dayz Adventure indoor/outdoor
    • August 14-18 – FULL SUNNY DAYZ @ Creekside location (depending on Tomball ISD school calendar)
  • Construction completed
  • Fitness Room opens
  • Facility open on a normal schedule
  • Tentative Programs/Services
    • September 2 or 9 – Tentative Grand Opening/ Program Fair
    • Fall Action Guide sent to all residents in The Woodlands with both locations information.
    • Continue to build programs and base/ marketing plans
    • Reservations
    • Upcoming events – Creekside Campout October 7, Fall Fest Nov 12, Amphitheatre concerts, Holiday programs
Accept the update on the recreation center 


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