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Meeting Date: 02/22/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon the creation of a Citizen Response Task Force;
At the Board meeting on December 7, 2016, Township staff was directed to bring a proposal back to the Board for creation of a “new” Citizen Response Task Force. Similar to the creation of the Drainage Task Force, the purpose of the proposed Citizen Response Task Force would be to address issues of community concern that come up from time to time.

The preferred method to resolve resident concerns continues to be at the staff level for day-to-day or routine items; however, some issues may grow beyond staff authority or relate to concerns outside of Township authority, and the Board may be interested in becoming involved to consider these items from a broader community-level response.

The Board generally operates as a “committee of the whole”, as Directors are each elected to represent the community at large. Per Board policy, the Board may from time to time create ad hoc committees for limited concerns and purposes. The Board, from time to time, has also created a less formal task force to address issues that may require less Board involvement than a committee, but more than staff representation or involvement. Typically, a task force has been created with no more than two Directors serving to address a specific topic. In a task force such as the Drainage Task Force, a Director is appointed to work with staff and representatives from outside agencies to seek collaboration, information and resolution to an item of community-wide concern.

If the Board is interested in creating a Citizen Response Task Force to address issues of community concern on an ongoing basis, staff suggests that the Board create the framework for a task force and that the task force only meet when a majority of the Board refers an issue to the task force for review and consideration. The task force would meet, develop research and provide feedback to the Board on community issues. However, the task force would not have the authority to commit the Township Board of Directors, allocate funding or expend funding without direct Board approval, or direct Township staff.

Most of community issues involve unique constituent groups, so the requested participants for the task force may be different on each issue. Staff would propose the following process be developed:
  • Recommend that the Township Board create the framework for a Citizen Response Task Force, if the Board is interested in implementing such a program
    • Appoint two Township Directors one Director to the Task Force, with the Board Chairman appointing one of the Directors as Chair of the Task Force
    • The Task Force will meet only when a community issue is assigned by a majority vote of the Township Board of Directors
    • The Task Force will determine the additional task force participants needed for each assigned community issue
    • The Task Force will provide periodic updates and a final report to the Board with recommendations or detail on how the issue was resolved
    • All task force issues are to be completed within a six-month period or if extended, the extension will be approved by a majority vote of the Township Board
    • Township staff will provide administrative support for the activities of the Task Force.
  • This is envisioned as a working task force, not a committee of the Board. As such, meetings may include members of outside agencies or members of the public, but would not be subject to Open Meetings agenda requirements unless a quorum of the Board is anticipated to be in attendance.
Board to determine action.


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