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Meeting Date: 04/20/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon award of bid for Security Guard Services for the Park & Ride Facilities (C-2017-0115);
The adopted 2017 Budget allocates $186,000 for security guard services. The low bid hourly unit price would total $180,710 for an average year of operations.  This procurement process should provide for the expense to qualify for Federal Transit Administration grant reimbursement of 50%. Therefore, the Township's net expense will be $90,360 per year.
The Woodlands Township Board of Directors approved a procurement for Security Guard Services (C-2017-0115) for the Park & Ride facilities at their meeting on February 22, 2017. The solicitation was subsequently advertised on March 3, with submittals due March 24, 2017.

A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting was held March 13, 2017 with questions from prospective providers due by March 15, 2017. Answers to questions were posted on the Township's website on March 20, 2017.

The Township received 12 bid packages from prospective providers. 

The bids received were, in order from lowest to highest:
Firm Name Billing Rate (per hour)
Vets Securing America $14.48
Marshal National Security $14.65
Global Syndicate Group $14.84
Allied Universal (incumbent) $14.86
Vinson Guard Services $15.62
Blackstone Security $15.89
FSS Security $16.61
Strategic Security Corp. $17.25
Alpha Group $19.00
US Security Assoc. $19.87
Securitas $20.11
Smith Protective $20.76

After reviewing the packages, Township staff performed due diligence checks on Vets Securing America (the low bidder) and determined there were no findings that would disallow their selection for this contract. The due diligence focused on eligibility to perform on federally-funded contracts, confirmation of both registration to conduct business in the state and the appropriate licensure, and affirming references from other contracts in the state. In analyzing the options for security guard services, staff also evaluated the potential to directly employ security personnel through a program similar to the park ranger program; however, it was determined that contracting the service would be more cost-effective.

Township staff have also met to discuss a transition strategy for the continuity of service as the duties change from Allied Universal (current provider) and Vets Securing America. Staff will continue to coordinate the transition of providers to ensure that the Township experiences no operational deficiencies.
Approve the selection of Vets Securing America and authorize the President/General Manager to negotiate and execute the agreement as approved to form by Township Attorney.
C-2017-0115 Security guard Services Bid Tally


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