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Meeting Date: 10/26/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon a proposal for development of the Bear Branch Park Master Plan C-2016-0375;
$50,000 is included in the 2016 Capital Improvement Budget for professional master planning services for Bear Branch Park. $1.2 million is earmarked in the 2018 budget for a major park renovation, and this funding could be used for implementation of the master plan. Furthermore, the Board  has authorized the development of a  50 meter pool at this park, with a portion of the capital and operational funding being provided by various swim clubs.  
At the August 18, 2016 meeting, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors approved the scope of services for a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a consultant to provide master planning services for Bear Branch Park. The request for an update to the  master plan was to identify the best approach to study the impact of the proposed 50 meter pool to be located at the park and to consider the current state of the existing pool at the park.
Bear Branch Park, developed in 1992, is a 19.57 acre Townwide Park located in the Village of Cochran’s Crossing . The park is located directly across Research Forest Drive from Bear Branch Sportsfields (28.43 acres).  The park has undergone a number of renovations since construction and through 2008. The park now includes many townwide facilities including but not limited to: the largest skate park, 9 tennis courts, largest dog park, in line rink, a large pavilion, The Woodlands Township Recreation, Bear Branch Pool and a barrier free playground.
The RFP scope of services requires firms to facilitate a number of public input sessions including meetings with the Cochran’s Crossing Village Association, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Council, among others to garner resident and user needs for the renovation. Furthermore the consultant is to develop conceptual plans based on the public input for review and/or approval by the Board of Directors.
The RFP was advertised in The Villager on August 31, 2016, on the Township website and was sent to 22 design and aquatic firms. The deadline for submitting an RFP was September 29, 2016 at 5 p.m.. and seven (7) firms submitted proposals. The Request for Proposal is Attachment A; a synopsis of each RFP submitted is Attachment B; the full submittal for each consultant is Attachment C; a summary of the evaluation team is Attachment D; and pictures  of Bear Branch Park are included in Attachment E.
The evaluations of the proposals and scoring was conducted by a team of  parks and recreation department management.  Scoring Criteria included:  Project Team - Management team, organization, skill and experience of key members; Firm's Capabilities -Demonstrated ability to meet project schedules and budgets; Prior Experience - Experience of key staff, experience with developing renovation plans for parks, demonstrated knowledge and/or previous experience working with The Woodlands Township and The Woodlands; Project Approach - Project approach and understanding of objectives and constraints; and References. 
As indicated on the Score Sheet, Burditt Landplace Consultants were evaluated the highest. The firm and its project team demonstrated the strongest ability to meet the evaluation criteria and the Township has worked with this firm a number of times over the course of the past 10 years on a variety of projects with satisfactory results.
Texas Professional Services Procurement Act, Subchapter A, Chapter 2254 of the Government Code (Act) precludes governmental entities to award a contract for professional services solely based on fee. Based on information provided in the proposals, staff recommends the Board authorize the President/General Manager to negotiate a planning & design fee not to exceed the budgeted amount ($50,000). If the Township and selected firm are not able to agree on a fee, the Act provides the ability to negotiate with the second ranking firm, and so on until a fee can be agreed upon.
It is anticipated the public input aspect of the master plan will take place in November and December and plans will be presented to the Board in February and March of 2017
It is recommended to accept the proposal from Burditt  Landplace Consultants to provide master planning services for Bear Branch Park and authorize the President/General Manager to negotiate and execute a Professional Services Agreement within the budgeted amount. If negotiations fail with Burditt Landplace Consultants, the President/General Manager is authorized to negotiate with the second ranking firm, and so on until a fee can be agreed upon.
Attachment A - Request for Proposals Bear Branch Master Plan
Attachment B - Synopsis of Firms Bear Branch Master Plan
Attachment D - Scoring Summary Bear Branch Master Plan


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