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Meeting Date: 09/22/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon a License Agreement with BCycle, LLC for a Product Field Trial at Waterway Square C-2016-0488;
There is no fiscal impact related to this agreement or to the field trial.
BCycle LLC presented a proposal to The Woodlands Township and The Woodlands Development Company (TWDC) for the company to use The Woodlands as a Field Trial location for its new BCycle Smart Bike product ( Attachment A).  BCycle proposes to install and operate three BCycle Smart bike share stations in The Woodlands to test their their new product and its the system and gather feedback from users about their new Smart Bike product.  BCycle would provide the equipment, installation, operations, and uninstallation at no cost to the Township.  The Field trial would last approximately two (2) weeks and would be open to the public.  The concept is to install one bike share station at Market Street, one in Hughes Landing and one at Waterway Square.  Therefore, TWDC and others will have to also agree to allow BCycle to install the field trail bike share stations on their property in addition to  the Township location. There is no cost or obligation to the Township.  The field trail is to simply provide a location for BCycle to test their new product.   They selected The Woodlands due the high quality of bicycle friendly infrastructure and demographics of the community.  The exact location of the field trail station at Waterway Square has not been determined, but will be on the street level and should not interfere with the use of the park or impede traffic. 

The Township Board of Directors has considered a BCycle Bike Share program in the past and took no action.  The new BCycle product and system design is very different from the BCycle 1.0 that was reviewed by the Township previously. BCycle 2.0 Smart Bike uses technology and geo-fencing imbedded into each bicycle instead of within the docking station, allowing users greater flexibility without the need to return the bike to a station. 
Approve the use of Waterway Square for the BCycle LLC field trail for approximately two weeks and authorize the President/General Manager to execute any necessary agreement as approved to form by the Township Attorney.
Attachment A - BCycle Bike Share Field Trial Proposal


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