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Meeting Date: 05/19/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon a process for Bear Branch Pool repairs and related pool schedule changes for 2016;
There are no costs associated with implementing the revised swimming pool schedule.  $2,496,465.00 is budgeted in the  2016 Parks and Recreation Aquatics Division budget and per Board direction 50% of the expense budget ($1,248,700.00) should be recovered through pool fees. The 2016 Adopted Budget and projected revenues and expenses are modeled upon this cost recovery goal. It is not believed that the closure of the Bear Branch Pool will have a significant long term impact on the revenue generated  throughout the aquatics operation
The Bear Branch swimming pool sustained considerable damage as a result of the April 18, 2016 storm.  On April 18, 2016, the area received between 8-10 inches of rain.  The parking lot, dog park, tennis courts, skate park and pool were all underwater at Bear Branch Park.  The flood water came within about 10 feet of The Woodlands Township Recreation Center.   As the flood water receded, staff found that substantial run off water had entered the pool causing the pool to have the appearance of a lake (brown water, fish and crawfish).   

The pool filtration systems were ineffective because of the large amount of contaminated pool water along with a large amount of mud and grime on the bottom of the pool that needed to be removed and considerable staining (yellowing) of the pool plaster which required power washing.   To prepare for the May 7th opening date,  the pool was drained, cleaned and power washed.  About 24 hours after it was drained,  staff noticed a substantial crack in the deep end of the pool which may be due to considerable ground water pressure.  

This damage has been reported to the Township’s insurance provider and the Township will be retaining the services of a Hydrology Engineer to review the groundwater conditions at this site before considering pool repair / renovation options.   As of this time,  the Bear Branch pool is closed and all programming will be done at other sites. 


In an attempt to return the pool to operational status, the following is currently planned to be undertaken:
  • Work with TML to ascertain if a claim can be made and if the damage to the pool only impacts the deep end
  • Determine if repairs qualify for FEMA reimbursement
  • Identify a hydrologic and/or pool/structural engineer to review options in terms of rebuilding the facility
  • Develop specifications for the repair/ replacement using a design/build method based upon replacing the pool as it existed. This method is being proposed as we have the initial plans to the facility but not the immediate ability to develop standards, specifications, and plans.
  • Bring forth to the Board of Directors a bid for review and approval
Overall, the lack of Bear Branch Pool will have an impact on the overall pool schedule. Attachment B provides a Revised 2016 Pool Schedule due to the closure of Bear Branch.  The closure of the pool will have impacts on other aquatics programs; however, staff has developed alternative plans.

Authorize the President/General Manager to proceed with the plan for  Bear Branch Pool as presented and to implement the Revised 2016 Pool Schedule.

Attachment A - Bear Branch Pool Photos
Attachment B - Bear Branch Pool Revised 2016 Pool Schedule


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