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Meeting Date: 06/22/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon a Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement for The Woodlands Marathon;
The Woodlands Marathon Management, LLC.(TWMM) is asking The Woodlands Township to partner as the event's "Host Venue" for The Woodlands Marathon.  The sponsorship does not involve any monetary contribution by the Township but calls for waiving of park use fees and to provide in – kind support and equipment. The value of the waived park use fees is estimated to be $3,000.  The Proposal also requests usage of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion multipurpose building (ice rink) for the annual exposition held in conjunction with the event.   The Township has not established a policy or rental rates for the use of the facility during Township use.    
The Woodlands Marathon Management, LLC   and The Woodlands Township entered into a Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement in 2011 (Attachment A). The Agreement  established a major marathon running competition in The Woodlands for which the Township provides the  park facilities as venues for the event as well as equipment and in-kind support.  The event  brings approximately 25,000 athletes, media, staff and spectators to the community and has become a qualifying race for the prestigious Boston Marathon. 
The term of the agreement was for five years and expired  on March 31, 2016.  The Agreement can be extended as mutually agreed upon by the Parties in writing.
The race involves a 26.2 mile run and other races with distances of half-marathon, five kilometer race, marathon relay and a two kilometer fun run walk.   The proposed Partnership Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement (Attachment B) calls for TWMM to contribute annually a minimum of $25,000 to not-for-profit organizations and local and regional volunteer organizations  and $1,000 to the Township for use within the Parks and Recreation Department.  The proposal guarantees 400  hotel room nights within The Woodlands and to provide an Economic Impact Study every other year.   The proposed term of the new agreement is for ten (10)  years through March 2026.  
Township-owned venues for The Woodlands Marathon would include Town Green Park, Lakeside Park, Terramont Park and  Shadowbend Park.   These parks are predicated on the established routes used for the previous years using the public roads.  As the Office of Montgomery County Commissioner Precinct 3 as indicated their desire for the Township to approve road race events and their routes, limiting the County's involvement to approving traffic control plans for events the Township has approved, the Board of Directors may want to have final oversight / approval of the Marathon's race routes, schedules and use of the roads.  
The Proposal from TWMM  includes the usage of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion multipurpose building (ice rink) for the annual exposition held in conjunction with the event. The Board has not established a policy for outside organizations' use.   Contingent upon the Board's  selection of an operator for the Ice Rink Production Services on June 16, 2016,  it is recommended to work with the selected operator to determine if it is beneficial to the Township to conduct "dry-floor" events and programs after a regular period of time for the ice rink season.  This has historically ended after the Martin Luther King holiday or should the ice skating program be extended to the end of the Township's use of the facility on March 15.  Subsequently, staff will return to the Board with a recommendation(s) on use of the facility for "dry-floor" events and consideration for outside organizations' use.   

Therefore, it is recommended to authorize the President/General Manager to negotiate with TWMM on the terms and conditions of the event including, but not limited to: the term, the specific race routes and schedules, maximum registrations for each race, and use of the ice rink.
It is recommended to receive the proposal from The Woodlands Marathon Management, LLC. and authorize the President/General Manager to negotiate a Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement with The Woodlands Marathon Management, LLC to be approved as to form by The Woodlands Township Attorney and return to the Board for final approval in July, 2016.

Attachment A - Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement Woodlands Marathon 2011-2016
Attachment B - The Woodlands Marathon Proposal 2017


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