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Meeting Date: 04/27/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for firework production services C-2016-0038;
$132,000 is allocated in the 2016 Budget for fireworks services for the following events:  Memorial Day Weekend in The Woodlands ($16,000), Waterway Nights ($32,000), the Red, Hot & Blue Fireworks Extravaganza ($60,000), Labor Day Weekend in The Woodlands ($16,000) and Lighting of the Doves ($8,000).   The recommended vendor, Pyro Shows, submitted a proposal for $132,000 to produce the identified shows.
The Woodlands Township and Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) Boards of Directors approved a transfer of special event production from the CVB to the Township's  Parks and Recreation Department to begin with the 2016 Budget.  The Township Board of Directors approved the release of the Request for Proposals (RFP) for Firework Production Services at their February meeting.  The scope of services described in the RFP is generally the same services previously provided by the CVB and designed to provide community spirit and enhance the quality of life for the residents while attracting visitors to The Woodlands for economic growth. A key element of The Woodlands’ signature events is impressive fireworks displays, coupled with a variety of activities and entertainment for all ages.  The RFP provides a total of 10 firework shows in 2016: Memorial Day Weekend (two shows), Waterway Nights (four shows), Red, Hot & Blue (one show), Labor Day Weekend (two shows) and Lighting of the Doves (one show).

The objective of soliciting proposals was to obtain  competitive proposals / bids from various qualified companies for the provision of firework production services related to the community events, including conceptualizing, managing and executing the events, as well as bringing innovation and creativity for events produced by The Woodlands Township.  When developing the RFP, staff spent time reviewing previous proposals, understanding how the community has been developed (especially in the Town Center and its impact on how fireworks can be safely launched) and what new technologies or effects could be implemented into the various shows. The RFP was crafted to allow the Township flexibility in selecting costs through identifying minimum shell quantities of the displays, and provided vendors the opportunity to demonstrate industry knowledge and expertise through their proposals. A mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting was conducted in March and three (3) proposals were received: Pyro Shows, Pyrotecnico and Celestial Displays (Attachments A1, A2, A3).  A Bid and Proposal Tabulation has been prepared (Attachment B).  The staff recommendation is based upon:
  • Celestial was the only vendor to provide a bid which was at $132,000 for all of the shows.  No other vendor provided a bid as opposed to a proposal.  Knowing that allowing vendors to provide a proposal affords the vendor the opportunity to develop a show that uses their abilities to match the needs of the Township it is not recommended to proceed with this format.
  • Each vendor submitted a proposal for fireworks services.  Using the scoring matrix (Attachment C), Pyro Shows scored 25.75 as opposed to Pyrotechnico (23.75) and Celestial (16).  Additionally, the shell count for the various scores is higher between Pyro and Pyrotechnico (Attachment D).
Pyro Shows is the recommended vendor based on score, cost, value of services provided, experience, technology and choreography.  Pyro Shows specified cost includes the option for a barge in Lake Woodlands for the 19th Annual Red, Hot & Blue Fireworks Extravaganza ($7,500 additional) and a laser light show for the Lighting of the Doves Festival. Pyro Shows has provided the firework production services to the community in the past with minimal issues, and has done large shows around the country.
Accept the proposal from Pyro Shows and authorize the  President/General Manager to execute a firework production services agreement upon legal counsel's review and approval.
Attachment B - Bid and Proposal Tabulation
Attachment C - RFP Scoring Matrix
Attachment D - Fireworks Shell Breakdown


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