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Meeting Date: 01/16/2014  

Receive and Consider an update from CenterPoint Energy;
During the Township Board of Directors October 24, 2012 meeting CenterPoint Energy addressed the Board regarding the electric service they provide in the Township.

Prior to CenterPoint’s presentation, Township Chairman Bruce Tough provided background on the performance of CenterPoint in delivering power to customers in the Township and power reliability problems that must be resolved by CenterPoint.

Mr. David Baker, Division Vice President of Distribution Power Delivery for CenterPoint Energy, outlined a plan of action for circuits in the Township to add reliability to the system. Highlights of the Action Plan included the following actions to be taken by CenterPoint:

1. Vegetation Management:
- Inspect trees every 60 days
- Expand minimum clearance of dead trees from 30’ to 50’
- Clear easements in limited access areas to the ground for accessibility
- Coordinate and agreement with the Township and Woodlands Development Company to cut dead trees without prior approval
- Schedule: In progress; evaluate as need

2. System-Wide Grid Hardening Program:
- Inspect each circuit in the system every 10 years
- Correct issues found during inspections
- Move circuits in Creekside Park and Sterling Ridge to the top of the list
- Schedule: Start November 1, 2012; complete end of year 2012

3. Automation:
- Install automated equipment
- Create automatic switching to decrease restoration time and decrease the number of customers affected by each outage
- Schedule: In progress; complete 4th quarter 2013

4. Communication:
- Provide updates at Township Board of Directors meeting
- Provide updates at Creekside Park and Sterling Ridge Village Association meetings
- Schedule: Start immediately; complete when requested

After Board discussion, CenterPoint agreed to update the Board on Action Plan progress, as well as when major milestones in the action plan were accomplished. CenterPoint projected that the installation of automated equipment would be completed in the 4th quarter of 2013.

CenterPoint has asked to provide an update to the Board regarding their actions taken during 2013 to add reliability to the electric grid that serves the Township.
Accept the presentation by CenterPoint Energy and determine if/when an additional update will be requested of CenterPoint by the Board, to address power reliability issues in the Township.


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