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Meeting Date: 01/27/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon a change in the term of appointment for Development Standards Committee members appointed by The Woodlands Township Board of Directors;
There is no fiscal impact related to this matter.
At the December 10, 2015, Board of Directors meeting, the Board appointed seven members to the Development Standards Committee (DSC).   Per the terms of the Comprehensive Community Services Agreement, three of these appointees are Developer designated and four are Township selected.  As in recent past, the appointments were made for  one year terms.  Directors requested that consideration be made to stagger the terms of the members of the committee to extend the period of service and prevent the potential  loss of all committee members at one time in the future in order to retain institutional knowledge from one year to the next. 
The current appointees to the committee and their years of service are:
Deborah Sargeant* June 2003 12.5
Chris Florack June 2005 10.5
Danie van Loggerenberg April 2012 3.5
Walter Lisiewski December 2014 1

*Deborah Sargeant  has been the chairperson of the DSC since 2004.

In order to initiate  staggered two year terms, it is necessary to determine how best to implement the initial term.  Several options are presented for consideration. 

From the current Township appointed members:
  1. Select the two members with the most years of service to serve a two year term until December 31, 2017 and select the two members with the least years of service to  serve one year term until December 31, 2016;
  2. Select the member with the most years of service and the member with the least years of service to serve two years and select the other two remaining members to serve one year;
  3. Select the two members with the least  years of service to serve a two year term, leaving the two members with the most years of service at the current one year term;  
  4. Select by written ballot two members  to serve a two year term and select two members to serve a one year;
  5. Select two members to serve a three year term and select two members to serve a two year term.

 Once the initial term is completed, the subsequent terms would be for two years.
It is recommended to change the length of term of the Township appointees to the Development Standards Committee from one year terms to two year staggered terms; and the Board to determine how to proceed with the  initial staggered terms for the current appointees.


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