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Meeting Date: 01/27/2016  


Receive, consider and act upon the annual governance assessment report;

On August 22, 2012, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors adopted Resolution 011-12 (attached) related to the most recent governance study and community outreach efforts. The resolution states that an incorporation election will be deferred indefinitely and directs staff to develop a plan to report annually on any significant changes in community needs or potential financial consequences of incorporation so that the Board of Directors may consider any further actions. Later that year, the Board adopted the Governance Strategy and Assessment Report, which provides a multi-level approach for evaluating and escalating a change in governance structure.
Based on the Governance Strategy and Assessment report, annually the staff will evaluate the current governance model and identify potential issues or items not currently in direct control of the Township that may need to be addressed by Board policy or that might otherwise warrant a reconsideration of governance structure. If an issue is identified, staff would utilize a four-level evaluation model to inform the Board on the best possible solution or next steps. While these issues are considered on an ongoing basis, a report is provided to the Board annually. In 2013, the report was provided prior to the start of the budget process. In 2014, it was presented in September to provide sufficient time to prepare for pursuit of a legislative solution, if needed, during the 2015 legislative session.
The four levels in the model are:
  • Level 1: Internal Procedures and Budgeting
Can the issue be addressed through making adjustments in the Township’s procedures, protocols, or through allocation of additional resources?
  • Level 2: Contractual/Intergovernmental Agreements
Can the issue be addressed through contract adjustments with the current service provider? Can the issue be addressed with a new service provider? Can the issue be addressed by providing a new service through an identified service provider?
  • Level 3: Legislative Initiatives
Can the issue be addressed through the expansion of the Township’s abilities through successful pursuit of legislative changes?
  • Level 4: Governance Changes
If all other avenues have been determined inadequate to address the issue, should a change in the Township’s governance structure be pursued to provide more local control?
At the time the plan was adopted, it was believed that most issues would be able to be resolved within Levels 1 and 2.
Annual Governance Assessment
In reviewing community issues that have come forward since the 2013 assessment report was provided, no issues have been identified that would warrant Level 3 or Level 4 escalation. Township staff has reviewed other potential items for consideration and offers the following report:

Issue Synopsis Status/Level
Transportation - Transit
  • The Township is part of the Conroe/The Woodlands UZA, dual designated recipients of FTA grant funding.
  • Ad Hoc Transportation Committee tasked with developing broader strategy
  • Transit planner manages programs, operations and reporting
  • Renewed interlocal agreement with Brazos Transit District for Trolley service
  • Contracted directly with First Class Tours for park & ride operations 
  • Entered agreement(s) with H-GAC
  • Awarded grant for park & ride bus purchase
  • Competitively bid and contracted for manufacture of park & ride buses
  • Consideration of future options for bus service delivery and potential trolley routes
  • Partnered with H-GAC for Transit Study in Town Center; results to be delivered in 2015
  • Approved 2016 Budget and five year plan that includes Transportation Fund
  • Clarified transit-related authority in Township enabling legislation
  • Have not been granted a seat on the H-GAC Transportation Policy Council (TPC)
Level 1
Level 2 and 
Level 3
Transportation - Mobility
  • Ad Hoc Transportation Committee tasked with developing broader strategy
  • Entered agreement with County and WRUD to fund enhancements
  • Township given ability to make an appointment to the WRUD Board through a change in the WRUD's legislation
  • Agreement(s) with H-GAC and local governments on mobility study; delivered in 2015
  • Approved 2016 Budget and five year plan that includes creation of a department of transportation and infrastructure
  • Counties passed road bonds that include projects that should positively affect traffic flow on Gosling and Kuykendahl
Level 1
Level 2 and Level 3
Land Use Designation
  • Do not have authority to determine Initial Land Use Designation
  • Working through existing documents/covenants and committees
  • Facilitating discussions with developer
No proposed escalation
Developer Relationship
  • Comprehensive Community Services Agreement streamlines and formalizes commitment levels and partnership with the Development Company
  • Agreement in place until December 31, 2019
  • The related Delegation Agreement gives the DSC greater authority over covenant administration and property improvement applications for all completed properties, both commercial and residential
Level 1 and Level 2
Water Conversion and Conservation Issues
  • SJRA completed groundwater conversion / pipeline project
  • Working with WJPA to understand financial implications of surface water conversion
  • Continue to work with WJPA provide education on programming for water conservation
Level 1
Board to determine action.
Township Resolution 011-12
2012 Governance Strategy Assessment Report


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