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Meeting Date: 07/23/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon a recommendation by the Ad Hoc Transportation Committee to support Conroe/The Friendship Center/The Woodlands grant application for new buses and sharing of the local match;
FY 2015 Transportation Budget; not to exceed an additional $20,000.
The Friendship Center provides transportation services for the elderly and persons with disabilities who do not have sufficient transportation for themselves. Primary operational funding for the provision of these services comes through FTA Section 5310 grants. The City of Conroe, by agreement, administers these funds for the Conroe-The Woodlands UZA.

Currently, The Friendship Center has a pressing need to replace a number of aging vehicles in its fleet. These vehicles need constant repair and maintenance, creating operational concerns in carrying out their mission to provide transportation services seniors and persons with disabilities in the Conroe-The Woodlands UZA.

The Friendship Center, through the City of Conroe, will be applying for a discretionary grant, known as “Ladders of Opportunity”, to purchase three (3) new vehicles at an estimated cost of $66,000 each, for a total estimated cost of $198,000. With the FTA covering 80 percent, the 20 percent local match would be approximately $40,000.

Since The Friendship Center provides slightly more than half of its services in The Woodlands, the City of Conroe has proposed 50-50 cost-sharing for the local match funding.

Details regarding the grant can be found in the attached memo.
Approval of cost-sharing with the City of Conroe for the local match; not-to-exceed $20,000.
Conroe memo


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