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Meeting Date: 07/23/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon issuance of the Guaranteed Maximum Price for construction costs for WFD Station #2;
Final Budget Estimate $1,966,788
Approved total budget $1,750,920
Total budget shortfall $215,872
-Township’s Capital Reserves $107,936
-Montgomery County Hospital District Reimbursement $107,936
Durotech Contstruction received subcontractor bids pertaining to the construction project of The Woodlands Township’s Fire Station #2. The Woodlands Fire Department, Joiner Partnership, Inc., Montgomery County Hospital District, along with Durotech Construction, reviewed and evaluated all of the competitive subcontractor submissions (Attachment A – Subcontractors Bid Tabulation). Subcontractor selection was based on price, qualifications, experience and references.

In addition to selecting the various subcontractor bids, the team conducted a value engineering assessment which resulted in the relocation of the yard fire hydrant from the back of the facility to the front, which reduced the cost of the fire line, deleted a front restroom, replaced the grease trap at the existing location, reduced the cost of masonry work and reduced the owner’s contingency by $10,000.

Presented for your consideration and approval is the Guaranteed Maximum Price of $1,804,261, for the construction costs associated with the Durotech construction contract. The original construction cost estimate of $1,499,921, with the additional alternates for replacement of the roof, air conditioning system and generator totaled $1,601,921. This preliminary construction cost estimate was developed in October of 2013. Due to the current market, construction costs have increased substantially which has resulted in the increased amount. Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) has verbally agreed to contribute a proportionate share equal to 50% of the increased cost, $107,936, in accordance with the mutual housing agreement between the Township and MCHD.

Below is the final estimated project budget compared to the Board approved October 2013 preliminary estimated project budget. The additional budget requirement shared between The Woodlands Township and MCHD for the Fire Station #2 Renovation Project is $215,872, or $107,936 each. Staff recommends the capital reserves be utilized for The Township’s proportionate share.

 Preliminary Cost Estimate, October 23, 2013:                  Final Cost Estimate, July 9, 2014:    
- Site Survey/Soils Testing  $ 12,500              - Site Survey/Soils Testing $ 12,500
- Construction w/Contingency $ 1,499,921              - Construction w/Contingency $ 1,804,261
- Architectural/Engineering  $ 93,745              - Architectural/Engineering $ 117,277
- Civil Engineering  $ 17,000              - Civil Engineering $ 17,000
- FF&E  $ 15,750              - FF&E $ 15,750
- Owner’s Contingency $ 10,000             - Owner’s Contingency $ 0
                  ($10,000 included in GMP)    
- Board Approved Alternates $ 102,000              - Board Approved Alternates $ 102,000
 Total Estimated Project Budget $ 1,750,916              Total Revised Budget $ 1,966,788
                  Budget Shortfall $ 215,872
Also attached for your reference, is the Guaranteed Maximum Price Letters, Notice to Proceed Letter, Durotech’s Self-Performed Work Notice, Construction Schedule, and the revised Final Total Project Budget, which includes construction costs, civil engineering, furniture fixtures and equipment, site survey, architectural and engineering fees and soils testing.

Approve the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) associated with the current Durotech Construction contract for the renovation of The Woodlands Township’s Fire Station #2 in the amount of $1,804,261, and approve a transfer$107,936 from the Township’s capital reserve account to fund the Township's allocated portion of contract costs over budget, and authorize the President/General Manager to execute the document.
Attachment A - Subcontractors Bid Tabulation & Durotech Self-Performed Work Letter
Attachment B - Guaranteed Maximum Price Letters
Attachment C - Notice to Proceed Letter
Attachment D - Final Total Project Budget
Attachment E - Construction Schedule


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