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  Agenda Item No. H.6.       
Meeting Date: 09/08/2020  
Item Requested By: Steve Boyle
Staff Contact: Steve Boyle
Contact Phone Number: 928-668-0512  
Type of Agenda Item: Presentation w/Action, Direction to Staff, New Business
This project addresses the below Priority Area(s) and relates to the listed Specific Initiative(s):
  • Building on existing studies and plans, create a new downtown strategic and/or redevelopment plan with input from a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • Recognize the unique nature of downtown structures and encourage businesses to occupy them while maintaining high aesthetic design standards that promote Western culture.
  • Research, plan and implement parking improvements that maximize the use of space and allow visitors easy access to downtown points of interest.

Discussion and Direction to Staff on Proposed Zoning Amendments for Parking and Commercial Setback Regulations - Steve Boyle, Community Development Director
For the past few years the topic of parking has come up in various forums dedicated to discussions related to Downtown Wickenburg. The Town has invested tens of thousands of dollars in improvements to off-street parking areas in the downtown with the addition of the Valentine and Coconino lots.  During this same time of the parking improvements, the Downtown Redevelopment Plan was being put together and there was discussion of our existing parking code language and how it impacted economic development. While this study was not formally adopted by the Council, it did generate some thought into our own zoning regulations pertaining to parking. There was discussion on how to maximize buildable space while still retaining some area for onsite parking along with other healthy discussion about possibly eliminating the requirement altogether to create additional economic opportunity while using existing parking areas. 

Staff has spent some time researching the topic of 'regulated parking' and found that the Town of Wickenburg is not alone in the quest to finding parking solutions both in the code and physical improvements. There is a popular growing trend across the Country and world concerning the elimination or minimizing of the arbitrary parking requirements in zoning codes. Staff has prepared a presentation to discuss the history of parking requirements, our current status, and possible solutions to our code.

Staff would also like to discuss the issue with current regulations pertaining to commercial setbacks in our code. The way our current code reads actually prevents any new or updated construction from blending in like the western style we have all grown to love. Should there be a new corner lot development in the downtown, its design would seem really out of place should it have to meet the setback requirements. Staff will discuss possible solutions to the code language that can help preserve the look and feels of our downtown. 
Direction to Staff

Form Review
Form Started By: Steve Boyle Started On: 08/24/2020 12:15 PM
Final Approval Date: 08/27/2020


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