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  Agenda Item No. H.1.c.       
Meeting Date: 09/08/2020  
Item Requested By: Steve Boyle
Staff Contact: Steve Boyle
Contact Phone Number: 928-668-0512  
Type of Agenda Item: Consent, New Business
This project addresses the below Priority Area(s) and relates to the listed Specific Initiative(s):
Not Applicable

Consider Approval of the Final Plat for Parcel K at Wickenburg Ranch and Rescind the Motion from June 1, 2020 of a Previous Version of the Plat - Steve Boyle, Community Development Director
The Town Council voted to approve the final plat for Parcel K at Wickenburg on June 1, 2020 but after the approval the applicant decided not to record the plat due to multiple lot lines having to be relocated. The plat before you is basically the same as before with the minor adjustments to the property lines. Staff asks that the previous motion be rescinded and this plat be adopted. 

Wickenburg Development Co, LLC has submitted a request for final plat of Parcel K within Wickenburg Ranch. The preliminary plat for this same subdivision was approved by the Council on December 16, 2019. The plan is to create 23 buildable lots for development purposes. All the homes are to be connected to the necessary utilities and streets are to remain private. All the proposed lots conform to the zoning standards established for Wickenburg Ranch.
The motion on June 1, 2020 was made by Vice Mayor Kardinal and seconded by Council Member David Stander.
I move to approve the final plat for Parcel K at Wickenburg Ranch and rescind the motion from June 1, 2020 that approved a previous version of the plat.
Plat Map

Form Review
Form Started By: Steve Boyle Started On: 08/06/2020 10:21 AM
Final Approval Date: 08/18/2020


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