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  Agenda Item No. G.1.g.       
Meeting Date: 10/18/2021  
Item Requested By: Rosa Garcia-Marquez
Staff Contact: Rosa Garcia-Marquez
Contact Phone Number: 928-668-0527  
Type of Agenda Item: Consent, Includes Contract Agreement, New Business
This project addresses the below Priority Area(s) and relates to the listed Specific Initiative(s):
Not Applicable
Effect of Yes or No Votes:
A "yes" vote will approve an amendment to extend the Intergovernmental Agreement with the Maricopa County Superior Court for jury services which enables the Town to receive a list of potential jurors from the County to create a random pool for local jury trials.

A "no" vote will not approve the amendment to the intergovernmental agreement and require the court to obtain a list of potential jurors from the town clerk's office without the benefit of the Superior Court's jury services.

Consideration and Action to Approve an Amendment to Extend the Intergovernmental Agreement for Jury Services with the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County - Rosa Garcia-Marquez, Court Administrator
The Town entered into an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with the Superior Court, Maricopa County, in 2014 to provide a random list of potential jurors for jury trials set in the Town Court. Having the IGA in place allows citizens to be summoned into the local Town Court versus them getting summoned to other courts in Maricopa County.

The IGA also provides transparency in the process of juror selection as the list of potential jurors is provided by the jury selection department in the Superior Court, Maricopa County, not the Town of Wickenburg.  Using the Superior Court's services allows the Town the benefit of a random list of jurors (avoiding the appearance of impropriety) and ensuring appropriate jury pools remain available when jury trials are required by law.

The Court received a letter regarding two (2) updates to the IGA on October 4, 2021, which are included in the Amendment:
  1. In section 3, the Superior Court clarifies the services expected from the Town court.
  2. In section 4, the Superior Court outlines expectations for juror biographical reporting in accordance with the AZ Supreme Court Administrative Order 2021-54.
Council has renewed the IGA since 2014 with the most recent renewal in 2020 and expiring on June 30, 2022. An amendment is required to update the IGA per law and, if approved, to further extend the IGA from June 30, 2022 to June 30, 2024 (the final extension permitted under the IGA).
I move to approve the amendment to extend the Intergovernmental Agreement with the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County for Jury Services and authorize Judge Rollison to execute the agreement.

Fiscal Impact
Total Funding Request: $200.00
Is it Included in the Budget Yes/No: Yes
GL Account #: 100-125-125-60306
One-Time Expenditure of Funds Yes/No: No
Amount of Annual Expenditure of Funds: n/a
Is Quote/Bid Information Included Yes/No: $200.00
2021 Letter
List of Updates
Admin Order
2014 IGA

Form Review
Form Started By: Rosa Garcia-Marquez Started On: 10/07/2021 11:09 AM
Final Approval Date: 10/11/2021


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