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  Agenda Item No. H.1.i.       
Common Council Regular Meeting - Including Action Items
Meeting Date: 10/16/2017  
Item Requested By: Ed Temerowski
Staff Contact:    Tony Christofferson
Contact Phone Number:    623-826-4404  
Type of Agenda Item:    Consent, Includes Resolution, Includes Contract Agreement, New Business
This project addresses the below Priority Area(s) and relates to the listed Specific Initiative(s):
Enhance public safety by providing Advanced Life Support equipment for Fire Departments' Emergency Medical Response
Effect of Yes or No Votes:
A "yes" vote to accept the bid # B17-04 to Physio Control in the amount of $37,746.25 for the purchase of Lifepak 15 cardiac monitor/defibrillator.

A "no" vote will reject all bids.

Consider Resolution No. 2093, Accepting a bid from Physio Control for the Purchase of a Cardiac Monitor / Defibrillator; Authorizing the Expenditure of Public Funds in an Amount of $37,746.26, and Authorizing the Mayor to Execute the Purchase Contract with Physio Control in accordance with the terms submitted in Bid #B17-04 - Ed Temerowski, Fire Chief
Under the direction of Council to provide Advanced Life Support through training and equipment purchases, we have received bids for an ALS Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator.  We received four bids, but only two met the requirements of the bid.  We requested a new Cardiac Monitor / Defibrillator where one of the bids was for a preowned unit.  Another quote was for an AED, not a Cardiac Monitor.  So we received two qualified bids with Physio Control having the lowest bid.  We have also checked with Lifeline Ambulance to see what monitor they use and this will be very comparable to their units for better consistent care of our residents.    Staff recommends acceptance of the bid from Physio Control for an amount not to exceed $37,746.26.
I move to approve Resolution No. 2093, accepting a bid from Physio Control for the purchase of a Cardiac Monitor / Defibrillator; authorizing the expenditure of public funds in an amount of $37,746.26, and authorizing the Mayor to execute the purchase contract with Physio Control in accordance with the terms submitted in Bid #B17-04.

Fiscal Impact
Total Funding Request: $37,746.25
Is it Included in the Budget Yes/No: Yes
Source of Funds/CIP #: 170-90912 / 2017-170-09
One-Time Expenditure of Funds Yes/No: Yes
Amount of Annual Expenditure of Funds: N/A
Is Quote/Bid Information Included Yes/No: Yes
Res 2093
Contract Physio Control
Exhibit A - Purchased Item
Bid Results

Form Review
Form Started By: Ed Temerowski Started On: 09/28/2017 01:31 PM
Final Approval Date: 10/05/2017

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