City Council Meeting Minutes
Monday, September 5, 2017
CALL TO ORDER--Mayor Weber called to order the regular meeting of the Tillamook City Council at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 in City Hall at 210 Laurel Avenue in Tillamook, Oregon, and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
ROLL CALL--City Recorder Donowho conducted a roll call. The following persons were:
Present: Mayor Suzanne Weber; Councilor Jorge Rios; Councilor Randy Foshee; Councilor Adam Schwend; Councilor Aaron Burris; Councilor John Sandusky; Councilor Doug Henson
Staff Present: Paul Wyntergreen, City Manager; Abigail Donowho, City Recorder
  1. Request from ODOT for Construction Staging Area on City Property (Exhibit A)
  2. Additional Information for Pending Business for County Requested Parking Spaces (Exhibit B)
  3. Accounts Payable Batch 9/5/2017 (Exhibit C)
  4. Accounts Payable Special Batch 8/31/2017 (Exhibit D)
MINUTES--The minutes for the City Council Regular Session of August 24, 2017 were included with council packets and by this reference made a part of the record.
  Moved by Councilor Adam Schwend, seconded by Councilor Aaron Burris
Councilor Schwend moved to approve the minutes of the August 24, 2017 City Council meeting.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Motion to Add Item to Agenda--ODOT Request for Construction Staging Area on City Property--
  Moved by Councilor John Sandusky, seconded by Councilor Aaron Burris
Councilor Sandusky moved to add a new business item to the agenda to address ODOT's request for a construction staging area on City property.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
2. ODOT Materials Staging Area--Request for Use of City Property--City Manager Wyntergreen explained that ODOT's original staging area for the highway project materials is in need of additional space. They have requested use of the old Dairy Queen parcel as described in an email received by the Council at the meeting. Rosenberg's has a non-exclusive easement and could share the lot. As part of the dual usage of the lot, ODOT will provide a buffer for traffic between northbound and southbound lanes to accommodate access to Rosenberg's through March of 2018 at their north driveway.
  Moved by Councilor John Sandusky, seconded by Councilor Jorge Rios
Councilor Sandusky moved to give ODOT and it's contractors permission to stage materials on City property where Dairy Queen used to be.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Tillamook County Parking Request--City Manager Wyntergreen revisited the request for parking from the County for spaces adjacent to the Courthouse on Third Street and Madrona Avenue.  The Public Works Committee recommended a one-year agreement for a cost of $2000 until the Transportation System Plan (TSP) can be revised (where the parking will be specifically delineated).  The Council discussed whether or not the proposal should be formalized as an offer for the County to accept or reject.  
  Moved by Councilor John Sandusky, seconded by Councilor Adam Schwend
Councilor Sandusky moved to adopt the Public Works Committee's recommendation regarding leased spaces for the County employees, including the Public Works Committee addressing the spaces within the Transportation System Plan, and the recommendation should be put into the form of a letter to the County as an offer.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Police Chief--Chief Wright'monthly report was included with Council packets and by this reference made a part of the record. 
2. City Recorder--City Recorder Donowho reported that she is catching up on work after being out sick. Some of the more notable items are the recent hiring processes, on-boarding of new employees, fixing some issues on the City website, and getting things rolling for the Christmas program.
3. City Manager--City Manager Wyntergreen reported that the ODOT project has shifted to the Southbound. side of Highway 101. We're looking at about 2 weeks for the western portion of the old bridge to be torn out. The area around the museum walkway will also be removed for ODOT construction. He noted the underground vault work that will begin soon. The plans for the food court on the old Coast Tire property are just about ready, but will be bid later this fall for spring construction due to the ODOT project. Mayor Weber noted the food card cart in town on Fourth and Pacific has a sign up to state they are moving to Highway 101 North. The Council discussed the loss of parking for Burden's trucks. Wyntergreen will discuss the possibility of the RV spaces in the TURA lot.
4. Mayor--Mayor Weber reported that the movie night was a success with over 300 people in attendance. She thanked Ferguson Waterworks for providing drinks, Tim Lyda for his time and resources from Public Works and staff, Catherine Henson helped make 27 batches of popcorn. She added that the Tillamook Heritage Trust at the Forestry Center will be having a celebration called the "Root Ball" mystery dinner night. A new tourism grant for marketing and promotions will be available from the Transient Lodging Tax. She asked the Council to take note of properties that need to be nominated for the Beautification Award. She expressed thanks to River Veek who organized a downtown cleanup as his senior project. Thank you for your contribution to the community--keep up the good work! The YMCA banquet is coming up at the end of the month.
1. Public Works Committee--Items from this committee were addressed with the parking item earlier in the agenda.
1. Charter Programming Update
2. ODOT Flyer Update for Fall 2017

Councilor Rios noted that fire danger is very high--please follow all regulations when camping or recreating. Be safe. Mayor Weber noted it has been a good reminder with the ash falling in the community today.

Councilor Foshee added that school has begun--please watch for kids!

Councilor Schwend stated that the Monday Musical Club will be putting on the Second Annual Oktoberfest on September 8th at the Second Street Plaza.

Councilor Sandusky said that 95% of the litter the cleanup crew picked up was cigarette butts. Please place your litter in it's proper place.

Councilor Burris said that the Cruise In at E&E Auto Body will have old cars, food, and music from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 8th.

Mayor Weber asked that Councilor Henson relay to Catherine how much her help was appreciated for movie night.
AUTHORIZATION TO PAY BILLS--The Finance Committee had reviewed the current bills prepared for payment. A copy of the voucher register is attached and by this reference is made a part of the record. Councilor Rios moved to pay the bills approved by the Committee. Councilor Sandusky seconded. Motion carried six-to-zero (6-0) by the following roll call vote:

Councilor Rios--Aye Councilor Burris--Aye
Councilor Foshee--Aye Councilor Sandusky--Aye
Councilor Schwend--Aye Councilor Henson--Aye

Bills were paid in the following total amounts:

Accounts Payable Batch 9/5/2017:  $152,971.23
Special Batch 8/31/2017:  $36,822.40
ADJOURNMENT--There being no further business, Mayor Weber adjourned the Tillamook City Council Regular Meeting at 7:45 p.m.

Minutes approved by:
Suzanne Weber, Mayor                                Date
Abigail Donowho, City Recorder             Date

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