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City Council Regular Session--Tuesday Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/05/2017  

Tillamook County Parking Request
The Public Works Committee discussed the request and has made the following recommendation to the Council for their September 5th meeting at 7:00 PM.   The Committee requested that the County send a representative to the Council to explain the details of the County’s request.
In accordance with our attorney’s advice, the committee recommended that: 

1) The Council discuss and pass a resolution describing why it is in the public’s best interest to reserve these parking spaces to the County.  For this, the Council will need the help of a county representative to frame the components of such a resolution.

2) The Council enter into a simple agreement with a limited term that can be renewed per the City’s discretion that provides some sort of value back to the City for this use of a City resource.  For this the Committee recommended that, recognizing the County requested a continuance of the old annual rate which was established in 2006, an adjustment that edges closer to market rate be used to cover the costs of enforcing this special arrangement.  While market parking rates are in the neighborhood of $40/ month per space, the Committee recommended $2,000 per year, which equates to $8.30/month per space.
As relates to term of the agreement, the Committee recommended a one year term or until adoption of our Transportation System Plan update (anticipated in roughly a year).  They felt that the long-term policy implications of this arrangement should be addressed in that plan and that the County should be invited to participate in the planning process.
Lastly, your request letter mentions a County Parking Policy and they felt that the Council should be made aware of what that is.

Documents reflecting an agreement from 1979 have been attached per the County's request.
Parking Request
1979 Information re Parking

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