City Council Meeting Minutes
Thursday, August 24, 2017

Mayor Weber called to order the regular meeting of the Tillamook City Council at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, August 24, 2017 in City Hall at 210 Laurel Avenue in Tillamook, Oregon, and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Finance Officer Wilson conducted a roll call. The following persons were:
Present: Mayor Suzanne Weber; Councilor Jorge Rios; Councilor Randy Foshee; Councilor Adam Schwend; Councilor Aaron Burris; Councilor John Sandusky; Councilor Doug Henson
Staff Present: Paul Wyntergreen, City Manager; Jamy Wilson, Finance Officer

Mayor Weber
announced there is an additional item to add to the agenda for new business tonight regarding the Water District Proposal RFP Award.
  Moved by Councilor Adam Schwend, seconded by Councilor Jorge Rios
Councilor Schwend moved to add the new business item regarding the Water District Proposal RFP to the agenda.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously

The minutes for the City Council Regular Session of August 7, 2017 were included with council packets and by this reference made a part of the record.
1. 2017 National Assisted Living Week--Mayor Weber proclaimed the week of September 10 - 16, 2017 as National Assisted Living Week in Tillamook.
2. Constitution Week--Mayor Weber proclaimed September 17 - 23, 2017 as Constitution Week in Tillamook.
1. Beautification Award--Mayor Weber presented the Beautification Award for July of 2017 to Shannon Rouse at 1001 Stillwell Avenue for landscape improvements.
1. 2017-18 Maintenance Assistance Program (MAP) Grant--City Manager Wyntergreen noted this is less of a grant than an agreement to receive money for parks maintenance.  
  Moved by Councilor Adam Schwend, seconded by Councilor Randy Foshee
Councilor Schwend moved to approve the MAP agreement and authorize the Mayor to sign.  
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
2. Allowing Administrative Approval for Second Street Plaza Request for Street Closure--City Manager Wyntergreen asked the Council if they would like to allow an administrative process for the Second Street Plaza street closure requests. The Council reached consensus to allow staff to develop a protocol for administrative approval of Second Street Plaza usage.
3. Water District Proposal--A grant has been received from Business Oregon to have a consultant inventory and analyze the surrounding small water districts for potential absorbtion by the City Water Division. Several of the smaller districts have expressed an interest in the possibility. An RFP was sent out to three or four entities for, only one response was received. City Manager Wyntergreen stated the single respondent was FCS Group, the City has worked with them in the past, their response was complete. The project is in the budget.
  Moved by Councilor Jorge Rios, seconded by Councilor Randy Foshee
Councilor Rios moved to approve the City Manager issue an notice of intent to award to FCS Group.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Business Oregon Loan Contract Approval for Tillamook City Hall Rehabilitation Project Number B18001--Once signed the City attorney  will review the contract and submit a letter to Business Oregon for finalization of the financing for the City Hall Rehabilitation project.  
  Moved by Councilor Jorge Rios, seconded by Councilor Adam Schwend
Councilor Rios moved to approve the Business Oregon Loan Contract Number B18001 for signature by the Mayor.  
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Resolution 1737--Adopting the Updated Tillamook Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan--City Manager Wyntergreen explained the resolution adopts a lengthy plan that has been worked on by the County and DLCD.  The County has adopted the plan, and all included jurisdiction are now able to adopt the plan in order to qualify for FEMA help in times of natural hazard events.  
  Moved by Councilor Randy Foshee, seconded by Councilor John Sandusky
Councilor Foshee moved to approve Resolution 1737.  
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
2. Ordinance 1330--First and Second Reading--Hoquarton Waterfront Plan Amendment, Declaration of Emergency--City Manager Wyntergreen explained the changes proposed for the Waterfront Plan that needs to be effective right away for street striping.  The mathematical issue in the paper plan has been resolved.
  Moved by Councilor Adam Schwend, seconded by Councilor Aaron Burris
Councilor Schwend moved to have the first reading of Ordinance 1330 by title only.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
  City Manager Wyntergreen gave the first reading of Ordinance 1330 by title only.
  Moved by Councilor Aaron Burris, seconded by Councilor Randy Foshee
Councilor Burris moved to have the second reading of Ordinance 1330 by title only.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
  City Manager Wyntergreen gave the second reading of Ordinance 1330 by title only.
  Moved by Councilor Randy Foshee, seconded by Councilor Jorge Rios
Councilor Foshee moved to adopt Ordinance 1330.

City Manager Wyntergreen conducted a roll call vote:
Results of the Roll Call Vote
Councilor Rios--Aye Councilor Burris--Aye
Councilor Foshee--Aye Councilor Sandusky--Aye
Councilor Schwend--Aye Councilor Henson--Aye
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Finance Officer--Finance Officer Wilson reported that State Marijuana Tax should start being received in September.  The receipts from teh State tax revenue sharing will be 10% minus a State admin tax. Mayor Weber asked about the discrepancy in TRT tax revenues on the report--there are three late payments from July.  
2. City Manager--City Manager Wyntergreen reported that a fair amount of hiring has been done in the last week or so. Two new entry level Public Works Technicians have been hired, one staff member from Public Works was hired for the Customer Service position at City Hall, and the internal advertisement for the Assistant Public Works Director position is open until the 28th.

Underground power should be going in around Power Chevrolet to the old Shell station. The visibility will be clear once the bridge is finished. A detour will be implemented next week for night paving. After Labor Day, all north and southbound traffic will be on the new bridge and the south-bound side of the highway will be torn up for construction. Vaults between Second and Third Street will worked on soon. Parking on Main Street will be removed for construction as well.

The POTB had some FEMA money available for use, but because of the conditions for funding and timing, the City will be pulling back from the funding proposal.
3. Mayor--Mayor Weber reminded everyone of the movie night on Saturday. She has been attending meetings, checking things out downtown. She noted the underwhelming traffic situation from the eclipse.
1. Urban Renewal Agency--Councilor Schwend reported on the TURA Board meeting, new applicants for projects and funding, media corrections, and the underground power lines.
2. Beautification Committee--Councilor Henson reported on the Beautification Committee meeting. They met with the engineer from Cameron McCarthy regarding the Hadley Fields and Dean Wayside parks projects. Henson asked the council for any additional suggestions for the parks and sports fields that are currently proposed. The next Beautification Committee meeting will be focused mainly on the parks project. Mayor Weber asked that Christmas also be on the agenda.

Councilor Rios posed a question for the Council to consider as they look at the Cameron McCarthy design about the dog parks on the landscape and engineering design--could we just have one dog park instead of two separate areas. The open area for landscaping may have other uses than walking.

Councilor Schwend noted the Monday Musical Club's Oktoberfest on September 9th.

Councilor Burris asked staff to get a hold of the contractor who installed the sidewalk around a hydrant that is not accessible.

Councilor Sandusky noted a citizen's concern about parking and eating her lunch at Carnahan Park--it doesn't seem non-fisherman friendly. He also asked about the status of the County parking request.

The Finance Committee had reviewed the current bills prepared for payment. A copy of the voucher register is attached and by this reference is made a part of the record.  Councilor Rios moved to pay the bills approved by the Committee.  Councilor Sandusky seconded.  Motion carried six-to-zero (6-0) by the following roll call vote:

Councilor Rios—Aye Councilor Burris--Aye
Councilor Foshee--Aye Councilor Sandusky--Aye
Councilor Schwend--Aye Councilor Henson--Aye

Bills were paid in the following total amounts:
Batch Type Date Check Range Amount Paid
 AP Batch 8/24/17 39182 - 39223 $114,879.22

There being no further business, Mayor Weber adjourned the Tillamook City Council Regular Meeting at 6:17 p.m.

Minutes approved by:
Suzanne Weber, Mayor                                Date
Abigail Donowho, City Recorder             Date

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