City Council Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 7, 2017
EXECUTIVE SESSION--6:30 p.m.--ORS 192.660(2)(f) & (2)(h) --Records Exempt from Disclosure & Pending Litigation

Mayor Weber called to order the regular meeting of the Tillamook City Council at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, August 7, 2017 in City Hall at 210 Laurel Avenue in Tillamook, Oregon, and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

City Recorder Donowho conducted a roll call. The following persons were:
Present: Mayor Suzanne Weber; Councilor Jorge Rios; Councilor Randy Foshee; Councilor Adam Schwend; Councilor Aaron Burris; Councilor John Sandusky; Councilor Doug Henson
Staff Present: Paul Wyntergreen, City Manager; Abigail Donowho, City Recorder
  1. Updated version of Resolution 1737, Exhibit A: Food Cart Standarts (Exhibit A)

The minutes for the City Council Regular Session of July 17, 2017 were included with council packets and by this reference made a part of the record.
  Moved by Councilor Adam Schwend, seconded by Councilor Aaron Burris
Councilor Schwend moved to approve the July 17, 2017 City Council minutes.  
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously

Dave Wells of the Tillamook Forestry Department addressed the council to consider the upcoming eclipse. The Tillamook Burn began just after the last full eclipse in the 70's. He encouraged everyone to follow the rules and consider fire safety if they are going into the woods to carry water and a shovel. Plan ahead, be prepared, keep Oregon Green.
1. OLCC License Application--deGarde Brewing--New Business Location--Linsey Rogers of Tillamook expressed the excitement of DeGarde Brewing's new endeavor.  The North Wall of the tasting room began construction today--they are hopeful to have the tasting room open by the end of September.  It may take 6 months to move all of the brewing operations downtown, but it will all come back to downtown.  No adverse information was found during the background check process for deGarde Brewing.  The recommendation is to approve the application.
  Moved by Councilor Aaron Burris, seconded by Councilor John Sandusky
Councilor Burris moved to approve the OLCC License application for deGarde Brewing.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
2. ODOT Project--Street Closure Request and Detour for Paving-August 28th-30th--City Manager Wyntergreen noted the dates are a rough estimate.  ODOT is requesting a three-night paving project detour on other City Streets.  He explained the proposed detour to the Council.  The Council discussed the recommendations from Chief Wright.
  Moved by Councilor Jorge Rios, seconded by Councilor Randy Foshee
Councilor Rios moved to approve the ODOT Project street closure request and detour for paving on August 28-30, 2017 with Chief Wright's signage requirements and no-parking on Laurel Avenue between Third and Fourth Streets for the duration of the detour. 

Discussion:  The Council discussed parking on Laurel and the definition of night work.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
3. On-Street Parking Agreement Request--Tillamook County--City Manager Wyntergreen gave a history of the on-street parking agreements with the County.  He asked the Council what their thoughts were regarding a continued agreement for on-street parking.  The amount has not been changed in many years.  Councilor Schwend voiced his concern regarding designating parking when it is at such a premium for downtown.  The Council discussed the parking rules in the town center plan and the pros and cons of renewing the agreement.
  Moved by Councilor John Sandusky, seconded by Councilor Aaron Burris
Councilor Sandusky moved to send the policy issue to the Public Works Committee in order to receive a recommendation regarding the parking spaces.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
4. Hoquarton Plan Revision Discussion--City Manager Wyntergreen explained that the revised Hoquarton Waterfront Plan set out a mathematical error for the parking and bike lanes within the 35 foot space of the street.  He proposed alternate numbers, but it would not allow for the parallel parking.  He referenced the materials as included in the packet.  Councilor Foshee recommended looking into the possibility of moving the eastbound bike lane onto 4th Street, in the form of a sharrow, which would eliminate the dedicated bike lane of 5'.  Councilor Foshee added that the Public Works Committee did establish the current parking on Ivy near the Feed Store is not legal parking.  The recommendation from staff was to make a parking bay with the City property on Ivy.  Staff will look at the options and bring a recommendation as an Ordinance to the next council meeting.
5. Authorization to Submit Draft Authorization for the Formation of a Parks and Recreation District to Tillamook County--Mayor Weber introduced the Parks and Recreation District Formation Committee draft letter.  Wyntergreen explained that the committee is asking the BOCC to consider allowing the formation of the district without a tax base.  

Larry Oswald addressed the Council as the Chairman of the Parks and Recreation District Formation Committee to answer any questions.  He explained that the District would work with other local organizations, citizens, and the community to show they are a viable district and of value to the area within the same boundaries of the Tillamook School District.
  Moved by Councilor John Sandusky, seconded by Councilor Randy Foshee
Councilor Sandusky moved to authorize the Mayor to send the letter to the BOCC requesting the formation of a Parks and Recreation District to Tillamook County.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Resolution Number 1736--Resolution of the City of Tillamook Authorizing a Loan from the Special Public Works Fund by Entering into a Financing Contract with the Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority--This resolution is required for the City's attorney to review the financing contact.
  Moved by Councilor Adam Schwend, seconded by Councilor Aaron Burris
Councilor Schwend moved to approve Resolution 1736.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
2. Resolution 1737--A Resolution Adopting Standards for the City of Tillamook Food Court Park--The updated exhibit was distributed to the Council.  City Manager Wyntergreen explained that the changes in this exhibit define the difference between food carts on City property and the food cart park, or "food court."  Some health department concerns are moving forward with the land use code to the Planning Commission before coming before the Council.  The Finance Officer made a recommendation for lease pricing, application fees and deposits. The Council discussed the rental fees and other requirements.
  Moved by Councilor Aaron Burris, seconded by Councilor Jorge Rios
Councilor Burris moved to adopt Resolution 1737, keeping the monthly rates as they are currently, and adding an application fee of $150, modifying section 3 of the resolution to state only that "there will be a one-time application fee of $150."
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Police Chief--Chief Wright's monthly report was included with Council packets and by this reference made a part of the record.
2. Public Works Director--Director Lyda's monthly report was included with Council packets and by this reference made a part of the record.
3. City Manager--Wyntergreen reported that the major traffic change made last Friday--the transition was smooth. With the upcoming traffic change in September to address the vaults and storm drains, there may be a need for re-routing traffic onto Stillwell for a short time. There is a vault in front of Sunflower Flats on Third and Main. The ODOT project is trying to coordinate with a private project happening at the Tillamook Apartments. Senator Johnson's meeting with the City covered the access needs for Burden's and Rosenberg's regarding left-hand turns from north-bound traffic, as well as the surplusing of the Shell Station. The contract planner has been working with the City on Subway and food cart design standards. The food court design has not yet been finished, and demand for additional food carts is increasing, so there are a few new carts being located on City property on 101. The parking area of Sue H. Elmore won't be ready until later this fall. Authorization has been given for the City to use the excess grant funding at Carnahan Park for enhanced use. Directional signs are part of this project. Bryan Durbin retired, opening up a spot in Public Works. Other interviews are underway for the office job. With the fair happening this week, the staff will be released at 2:00 p.m. on Friday to attend the fair.
4. Mayor--Mayor Weber attended a Farm, Fish, and Tree tour--it was very informative. She went to the Salmonberry Trail Working Group--they discussed how to make the trail a reality. She was in attendance at the meetings with the Senator for the ODOT project concerns. Moonlight Madness was a success on Friday night--she heard lots of compliments about the event and all of the events for the kids. It was a compliment to our organizational people that it went well. She thanked the City crew for all of the work on the movie night. It was a success! She noted the Gold Wing Rider's Association is coming to show off their bikes at Second Street Plaza. This is fair week--think about adding entries to the fair next year if you didn't this year! The youth auction is on Friday night for livestock.
1. Public Works Committee--All of the items were discussed with parking concerns earlier in the meeting.
1. June Dairy Parade Festivals Committee Thank You Note
2. TLT Grant Expansion Approval

Councilor Schwend noted that the Second Annual Oktoberfest in the Dairylands are available online, at the fair, at the Chamber of Commerce, and at the gate! The event is September 8th.

Councilor Sandusky added that the Oktoberfest is awesome event to join in.

Councilor Henson said that the Blue Moon coffee drinking association would like to invite the Mayor to stop in and say hello to the group. Mayor Weber appreciates the invitation and will consider it. Henson asked about notifying the flowerbed volunteers of the need for their help at Goodspeed Park.

The Finance Committee had reviewed the current bills prepared for payment. A copy of the voucher register is attached and by this reference is made a part of the record. Councilor Rios moved to pay the bills approved by the Committee. Councilor Sandusky seconded. Motion carried six-to-zero (6-0) by the following roll call vote:
Councilor Rios--Aye Councilor Burris--Aye
Councilor Foshee--Aye Councilor Sandusky--Aye
Councilor Schwend--Aye Councilor Henson--Aye

Bills were paid in the following total amounts:
Batch Number Date Check Range Amount Paid
AP Batch 8/7/2017 39115 - 39178 $89,230.27
Special Batch 7/26/2017 39096 $180.00

There being no further business, Mayor Weber adjourned the Tillamook City Council Regular Meeting at 8:34 p.m.

Minutes approved by:
Suzanne Weber, Mayor                                Date
Abigail Donowho, City Recorder             Date

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