City Council Meeting Minutes
Monday, December 4, 2017
EXECUTIVE SESSION--5:00 p.m.--ORS 192.660(2)(h) Pending Litigation, ORS 192.660(2)(a) Employment
1. WORKSHOP--6:00 p.m.--Second Street Plaza--Event Plaza and Traffic Considerations

Mayor Weber called to order the regular meeting of the Tillamook City Council at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, December 4, 2017 in City Hall at 210 Laurel Avenue in Tillamook, Oregon, and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

City Recorder Donowho conducted a roll call. The following persons were:
Present: Mayor Suzanne Weber; Councilor Jorge Rios; Councilor Aaron Burris; Councilor John Sandusky; Councilor Doug Henson
Absent: Councilor Adam Schwend
Staff Present: Paul Wyntergreen, City Manager; Abigail Donowho, City Recorder
  1. Updated Version of Resolution 1743 (Exhibit A)
  2. Monthly Planning Report (Exhibit B)

The minutes for the City Council Regular Session of November 20, 2017 were included with council packets and by this reference made a part of the record.
  Moved by Councilor Aaron Burris, seconded by Councilor John Sandusky
Councilor Burris moved to approve the minutes of the November 20, 2017 City Council Meeting as submitted.
  Vote: 4 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
Other: Councilor Adam Schwend (ABSENT)

Shawn Rawe of Tillamook addressed the council regarding sewer issues. He stated the sewer underneath his building is gone. The camera crew found that all of the joints from the sidewalk to the street are disconnected. Placing sleeves isn't an option because the pipes are too far removed from each other and would get crushed. Rawe is concerned that the repairs will make him have to destroy his office to. City Manager Wyntergreen noted the need for a revolving fund loan. TURA may be an option for some funding help. The Council directed Wyntergreen to take a look at the property with the Public Works Director.

Ray Jacobs of Tillamook requested that a paper agenda be posted at the library.

1. Water Consolidation Study Agreement--City of Tillamook and FCS Group--The contract included in council packets has been negotiated with FCS Group as awarded through a competitive bid process.
  Moved by Councilor Jorge Rios, seconded by Councilor John Sandusky
Councilor Rios moved to grant authority to the Mayor sign the contract for the Water Consolidation Study to be performed by FCS Group.
  Vote: 4 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
Other: Councilor Adam Schwend (ABSENT)
2. TURA Parking Lot Lease Agreement--Third Renewal--The City and TURA have an agreement for the parking lot on First Street.  City is responsible for maintenance as the lessee.
  Moved by Councilor John Sandusky, seconded by Councilor Aaron Burris
Councilor Sandusky moved to approve the third renewal of the TURA parking lot lease.
  Vote: 4 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
Other: Councilor Adam Schwend (ABSENT)
3. Declare Ward 2 City Council Vacancy--Mayor Weber declared the Ward 2 Vacancy. Applications for volunteers to fill the seat until the next election will be will accepted for consideration at the second meeting in January of 2018.
4. Authorizing and Directing Legal Counsel to Proceed with Recommended Course of Action Discussed in Executive Session--
  Moved by Councilor John Sandusky, seconded by Councilor Aaron Burris
Councilor Sandusky made a motion (1) approving legal counsel’s recommended action as discussed in executive session, (2) authorizing and directing counsel to proceed with recommended course of action as discussed in executive session, and (3) authorizing and directing legal counsel and the city manager to take any actions necessary and appropriate to implement the course of action recommended by counsel and approved by this motion, with signature authority given to the Mayor.
  Vote: 4 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
Other: Councilor Adam Schwend (ABSENT)
1. Ordinance 1332--First Reading--Tree Ordinance Amendments--These are additional amendments advised by the Police Chief for enforcement.
  Moved by Councilor Aaron Burris, seconded by Councilor John Sandusky
Councilor Burris moved to have the first reading of Ordinance 1332, by title only.
  Vote: 4 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
Other: Councilor Adam Schwend (ABSENT)
  City Recorder Donowho gave the first reading of Ordinance 1332 by title only.
2. Resolution 1743--Employee Handbook Amendments--City Recorder Donowho noted the updated version of Resolution 1743 that was distributed at the meeting.  The proposed amendments to the handbook were discussed by the Personnel Committee, and included in the resolution with exhibits for the record.
  Moved by Councilor Jorge Rios, seconded by Councilor John Sandusky
Councilor Rios moved to adopt Resolution 1743.
  Vote: 4 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
Other: Councilor Adam Schwend (ABSENT)
1. Police Chief--Mayor Weber referenced the large report included by Chief Wright, including a six-year statistical overview of various crimes.  She expressed how much we appreciate our police officers and understand how difficult their work can be because of the present state of society.  Wyntergreen added that not only has the culture shift contributed to higher numbers, but a full police compliment has given us the ability to enforce. 
2. Public Works Director--Director Lyda's monthly report was included in council packets and by this reference is made a part of the record. Councilor Burris added that he has seen the crew out during storm events--they are working hard.  Mayor Weber stated the County is working on a leaf collection program.  She noticed the street sweeper is doing a fantastic job.  Wyntergreen said the new centrifuge is coming soon for the Wastewater Plant. 
3. City Manager--City Manager Wyntergreen noted that the second meeting this month will be held on December 18th to discuss the Farmer's Market transfer and the charging station transfer. Recent discussions with the school district may bring forward some design changes for streets out by the Jr. High. Sewer easements may be needed. A resiliency proposal for one of the City's wells will be discussed soon. There is a spruce wetland forest on part of the school district's property behind East Elementary School. A resolution in support of the County's formation of a non-tax based park and recreation district will be on the next agenda. There may also be an appeal coming from the Subway final order at the planning commission.
4. Mayor--Mayor Weber talked about debris management being a new conversation with the county. She congratulated DeGarde on their grand opening and wished them well. The Christmas Tree lighting went well. She brought a packet of information from the League of Oregon Cities regarding theTRT changes we'll be seeing soon. She will go to the Planning Commission meeting on Thursday night. Mayor Weber thanked Twins Ranch Catering for making the Chili and Hot Dogs accessible for the people, Abby Donowho for the hot chocolate and popcorn, Don Averill for the truck, HomeLife furniture for the Santa Chair, the Public Works Crew for their hard work, Lisa Greiner for her dedication to the parade and the entertainment, Steve Owens for his abilities with the sound, the entertainers--the best ever! Thanks to Andrew Bergh for the Chamber Choir, the dancers, Nicholas Smith, Doug Henson's granddaughter, Doug Henson for his emceeing the program.
1. Personnel Committee--Councilor Sandusky reported on the Personnel Committee meeting of November 27, 2017.  The Committee discussed items related to 2017 Legislation, performance evaluation software implementation, new hire and recruitment updates, employee handbook updates, and had an executive session covering performance evaluations and employment.
2. Public Works Committee--Councilor Rios gave an update to the Council for the Public Works Committee meeting of November 21, 2017. The Committee discussed changes to the sewer code language for enforcement, had an update on the Pelican project and School District plan for Alder Street.  A request for TURA was also discussed for the Cypres-Beech sidewalk and 12th Street sidewalk near the High School.

Councilor Rios thanked everyone for their involvement in the Christmas program.

Councilor Burris echoed the thanks.

Councilor Henson specifically thanked Steve Owens for his help at the Christmas program. Doug said he, "saved my life." He also thanked the Public Works' department for all of their help. Councilor Henson also thanked Steve Owens for serving our country--he spent about 8 years in the military and 2 years in Afghanistan. He thanked Suzanne Weber for being a wonderful Mayor who is dedicated to the City of Tillamook.

The Finance Committee had reviewed the current bills prepared for payment. A copy of the voucher register is attached and by this reference is made a part of the record. Councilor Rios moved to pay the bills approved by the Committee. Councilor Sandusky seconded. Motion carried four-to-zero (4-0) by the following roll call vote:
Councilor Rios--Aye Councilor Burris--Aye
Ward 2 Seat Vacant Councilor Sandusky--Aye
Councilor Schwend--Absent Councilor Henson--Aye

Bills were paid in the following total amounts:
Batch Type Date Check Range Amount Paid
 AP Batch 12/4/17 39596 - 39630 $84,024.52
Special Batch 11/30/17 39631 $68,927.44

There being no further business, Mayor Weber adjourned the Tillamook City Council Regular Meeting at 7:52 p.m.

Minutes approved by:
Suzanne Weber, Mayor                                Date
Abigail Donowho, City Recorder             Date

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