City Council Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mayor Weber called to order the regular meeting of the Tillamook City Council at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 in City Hall at 210 Laurel Avenue in Tillamook, Oregon, and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

City Recorder Donowho conducted a roll call. The following persons were:
Present: Mayor Suzanne Weber; Councilor Jorge Rios; Councilor Adam Schwend; Councilor Aaron Burris; Councilor John Sandusky; Councilor Doug Henson
Staff Present: Paul Wyntergreen, City Manager; Abigail Donowho, City Recorder
  1. Police Chief’s Monthly Report (Exhibit A)
  2. Map of PUD Service locations for item 6.3 (Exhibit B)
MINUTES--The minutes for the City Council Regular Session of December 18, 2017 were included with council packets and by this reference made a part of the record.
  Moved by Councilor Jorge Rios, seconded by Councilor John Sandusky
Councilor Rios moved to approve the minutes of the December 18, 2017 City Council Meeting as submitted.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Election of Council President--Councilor Henson nominated John Sandusky for Council President with an additional stipend. Motion died for lack of a second.
  Moved by Councilor Adam Schwend, seconded by Councilor Jorge Rios
Councilor Schwend nominated John Sandusky for Council President.
  Vote: 5 - 1 Carried
NAY: Councilor Doug Henson
2. 2018 Committee Appointments and Recurring Meeting Days--Mayor Weber stated she would like to reappoint all council chairs from the 2017 committees, and asked the Council to think about which committees they would like to serve on this year. Committee lists will be finalized at the next Council meeting.

The Mayor noted the need to have the appointment of council members who serve on the TURA Board ratified for the TURA meeting later this week.
  Moved by Councilor John Sandusky, seconded by Councilor Aaron Burris
Councilor Sandusky moved to ratify the Mayor's appointment of Councilors Henson and Schwend to the TURA Board
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
3. Request for Easement on City Property--Tillamook PUD--City Manager Wyntergreen introduced KC Fagen to the Council.  Fagen addressed the Council to discuss the monetary portion of the easement and engineering costs of $12,600 to cover the 50 foot wide easement on City property.  PUD does not anticipate needing to make any changes to the property.  All state and county permits have been obtained.  Once all permits have been obtained from all property owners, then the formal adoption will be in place.  The request is for the Council's consent, with the formally filed easement later.
  Moved by Councilor John Sandusky, seconded by Councilor Aaron Burris
Councilor Sandusky moved to approve the request for easement on City Property from Tillamook PUD. 

City Manager Wyntergreen will finalize paperwork with PUD when everything is in place.
  Vote: 6 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Resolution 1746--A Resolution Amending the EThe Rmployee Handbook of the City of Tillamook--City Manager Wyntergreen introduced the resolution to the Council.  City Recorder Donowho explained the details included in the Council packet.  The change is a result of House Bill 3008 and the impact it has on current payroll practices.Resolution 1746--A Resolution Amending the Employee Handbook of the City of Tillamook--City Manager Wyntergreen introduced the resolution to the Council. 
  Moved by Councilor Adam Schwend, seconded by Councilor Jorge Rios
Councilor Schwend moved to approve resolution 1746
  Vote: 5 - 0 Carried - Unanimously
1. Public Works Director--Director Lyda's monthly report was included with council packets and is made a part of the record by this reference.  Mayor Weber stated her appreciation of the work with the street sweeper. 
2. City Manager-- City Manager Wyntergreen reported that the Planning Commission will be looking at some code changes at their next meeting. The charging station property transfer has occurred. All of the operational bugs will be worked out over the next month. Several major projects will be presented to TURA from the City at the next meeting--two in partnership with the Chamber for some sidewalks and sewer work, and another partnership with the School District for sidewalks near the High School and Junior High. Four projects with funds to be spent by August if approved. The Architectural Resources Group will begin preliminary measurements, etc. next week. The Mid-County Parks and Recreation District order from the County has been passed and triggered two public hearings--the first one to be held at the end of January.
3. Mayor-- Mayor Weber was able to participate on the selection committee for the Chamber Banquet Awards. She has worked with the EDC and plan consolidation. Ricky Hatfield asked that the Mayor tell the Councilors Happy New Year and ask if there is some way to have a basketball hoop placed closer to the middle of the City. She thanked all of the participants who helped light up the City with the lighting and decoration contest this year. The Mayor thanked Councilor Sandusky for his help as Council President in her absence to run the meeting.
4. Police Chief's Report--The Police Chief submitted a report to the Council for review on Tuesday (Exhibit A),

The Mayor commended him for the Shop with a Cop (SWAC) program. Councilor Henson also complimented the work done with SWAC by the Sheriff's department. Councilor Henson asked about the Police Department training on fentanyl. Mayor Weber noted his request for a tour of the evidence and archives room. Wyntergreen said there is nothing about the tree ordinance in the packet.

Councilor Henson thanked the City Staff for all their hard work and for a wonderful 2017--he's looking forward to an even better 2018.

The Finance Committee had reviewed the current bills prepared for payment. A copy of the voucher register is attached and by this reference is made a part of the record. Councilor Rios moved to pay the bills approved by the Committee. Councilor Burris seconded. Motion carried five-to-zero (5-0) by the following roll call vote:
Councilor Rios--Aye Councilor Burris--Aye
Ward 2--Vacancy Councilor Sandusky--Aye
Councilor Schwend--Aye Councilor Henson--Aye

Bills were paid in the following total amounts:
Batch Type Date Check Range Amount Paid
 AP Batch 1/2/2018 39706 - 39728 $39,599.03
Special Batch 12/21/17 39696 - 39697 $14,226.97
Special Batch 1/2/2018 39735 $24,530.00

There being no further business, Mayor Weber adjourned the Tillamook City Council Regular Meeting at 7:36 p.m.

Minutes approved by:
Suzanne Weber, Mayor                                Date
Abigail Donowho, City Recorder             Date

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