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TURA Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 01/10/2018  

2018 Standing Committee Appointments
Attached are the Standing Committee descriptions and the 2017 Committee members.  Please let the Chair or staff know which committee you would like to participate in.  The Chair will make the assignments at the January meeting.

The Streetscapes Committee was disbanded last year but it was mentioned that they may need to reconvene to work on the RFP for the 2nd Street Pilot project.  See pending agenda item.  If the Streetscapes Committee is reconvened the committee members will also need to be appointed. 

The Proposal and ;Justification Committee has set the fourth Wednesday of each month to meet if there are applications to review.  Applications must be submitted by the Wednesday before the scheduled meeting.

The Contract Committee has been meeting the Monday before the Board meeting but staff would like the recommend the committee meet the first Wednesday of each month to review and recommend payment reimbursement requests or contacts.  This gives time to get the proposed recommendations into the Board packet for full board review.  Reimbursement and draft contracts requests would need to be submitted a minimum of a week before the committee meeting. 
Committee List
Committee Descriptions

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